Seungri Receives Police Questioning For Suspicions Of Destroying Evidence

Seungri has been questioned by the police for an additional suspicion.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s provincial special detective division summoned Seungri for questioning on the morning of April 4.

The police stated that after messages from a group chat were revealed on February 26, Seungri told the members of the chatroom to get new phones.

Destruction of evidence was first suspected last month when the police collected the cell phones of the chatroom members and most of them, including Seungri, Choi Jong Hoon, and Jung Joon Young, submitted new phones. There was only one chatroom member who did not submit a new phone.

When Choi Jong Hoon was asked why he suddenly changed his phone, he responded, “Seungri told me to change my cell phone.” Jung Joon Young and other individuals also shared the same reason.

From what was gathered by the police from the questioning of the chatroom members, Seungri contacted them and said, “I don’t remember at all what I said in 2015. Do you still have old cell phones or records?” When they all responded that they do not have the KakaoTalk records as they are from over three years ago, Seungri commented, “A mandatory investigation could happen, so change the cell phone you are currently using.”

According to legal expert Joo Young Geul, it may be difficult for Seungri to receive punishment for the destruction of evidence if it is found that the chatroom members got rid of their phones to protect themselves rather than to cover up Seungri’s charges.

If booked however, Seungri will have been booked for a total of five charges including prostitution mediation, violation of food sanitation law, spreading illegal footage, and embezzlement.

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