Yoon Ji Oh Opens Up About Her Mother’s Health And Upcoming Plans

Yoon Ji Oh has shared new posts with details about her current situation and upcoming plans.

The actress is currently a witness in the Jang Ja Yeon‘s sexual assault case, in which the late actress called out prominent public figures for sexual assault.

On April 4, she posted text messages from her publisher, who revealed that Yoon Ji Oh’s father had told him about the health of her mother. The message shared, “Your mother just had her breast cancer reexamined, and the results came out today. A tumor was found in her left breast. I think you should contact your mother.”

In her first post, Yoon Ji Oh initially hinted that she would be leaving Korea to take care of her mother who is currently battling breast cancer. She shared that her mother had dealt with her illness silently due to Yoon Ji Oh’s situation in Korea and expressed her sorrow at not having been able to take care of her until now.

Her post reads as follows:

Hello.. I really don’t know until what point I have to endure this.. I think I will have to take a break from my book promotions and interviews this week for now.

The judge, prosecutor, and committee investigating past cases have told me that I no longer have to testify with the 16th time being the last.

I have done my share.

The book concert that was prepared because [the book] became a bestseller was canceled because of an unfortunate situation. As the book concert scheduled for April 14 is a promise with you all, I plan to give my last farewell before leaving. I don’t think it’s right to break a promise with you all twice.

It will be free and can accommodate 500 people, in a space provided by the National Assembly. There is a lot going on, so I will make an announcement later on.

My mother has been tougher and greater than anyone to me, but she was suffering without telling me because she was worried that I would worry.

The fact that my mother is sick, I think what has made my mother hurt and sick the most is that I kept going until now, ignoring all those people.

I silently did what I had to do, and now I believe I have to be my mother’s guardian.

Even if I am not in Korea, I will leave after setting up a system that can help, so please do not hate me too much.

And please, pray for my mother even if it is only for a few seconds.

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안녕하세요.. 정말 어디까지 견뎌내야할런지.. 당분간 책에 관한 홍보나 인터뷰는 이번주까지만이라도 좀 쉬어야할것 같아요. 제가 해야할 증언은 16번째를 마지막으로 더 해야할 증언이 필요하지 않다고 판사님 검사님 과거사조사위원회 모두 말씀해주셨습니다. 제가 해야할 몫은 이제 끝났습니다. 베스트셀러로 올라가서 준비한 북콘서트가 불미스러운일로 한차례 취소가 되었고 14일 북콘서트는 여러분과의 약속이기에 마지막으로 인사를 드리고 떠나려해요. 두번이나 여러분과의 약속을 못지키는것은 예의가 아닌것 같아서요. 무료이고 500명을 수용할 수 있는 국회에 마련된 공간이라고하고요. 제가 경황이 없어서 추후에 공지해드리도록할게요. 저에게 누구보다 강인하고 멋진 엄마인데 제가 혹여 걱정할까봐 말도 못하시고 끙끙앓고 계셨나봐요. 엄마가 아픈게 엄마를 아프게 만든게 다 제가 그 사람들이 뭐라고 여기까지오면서 엄마를 가장 크게 다치게하고 아프게 만든것 같습니다. 묵묵히 제가 할도리와 몫을 하고 이제는 제가 엄마의 보호자가 되어드려야할것 같아요. 제가 한국에 없더라도 도움을 드릴 수 있도록 시스템을 구축하고 갈테니 저를 너무 미워하지 말아주세요 그리고 단 몇초만이라도 저희 엄마를 위해서 기도해주세요.

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In her second post posted seven hours later, she posted a clip from a broadcast where she washed her mother’s feet and pictures of her preparing her mother’s birthday meal. The post indicates that her mother may be coming to Korea instead.

Though those who are living in Canada may know, one of Canada’s advantages and disadvantages is that surgery fees and hospital fees are completely free to citizens. However, the wait times are too long. Illnesses like cancer have time-sensitive surgeries, so waiting a few months or over a year can be very dangerous. Currently, coming to Korea is the best choice, but as I am her only guardian, and I am currently receiving protection, I am worried that my mother may be put in danger.

There have also been warning signs in my health as well, so I will be admitting myself to the hospital today. When my mother comes, I think the best thing will be for us to stay in the hospital together.

If you even touch my mother, we will all die. I will no longer stay still.

I have a request to you all. Whether or not you are religious, I dare ask for prayers. I believe that if sincere and desperate hearts work together, the universe will help.

I was so happy preparing my mother’s birthday meals every year, and I hope to continue that happiness in the future.

Washing feet isn’t a big deal. My mother always enjoyed watching this video, saying it was one of the biggest presents in the world. She was happy that we were able to make these kinds of memories when we did a family broadcast.

For your parents who poured their entire selves and lives into making your special days into even more special days, you should try washing your parents’ feet.. I can never be as good of a mother as my mother, and I probably will not be as good of a mother as my mother.

But I will still try hard to be a person with a good heart, to show my life as a daughter with at least a beautiful heart.

Please don’t worry too much since I am still strong and healthy enough to write these kinds of things and do broadcasts.

I think the support I have been getting is because people see me as a daughter or neighbor.

In the future, I will protect the things I can with the environment I have been given.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

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캐나다에서 사는 교민분들은 아시겠지만 캐나다의 장점이자 단점은 수술비며 의료실비가 시민권자는 전액 무료이지만 대기시간이 너무나 길고 암과 같은 종류의 지병은 시간이 중요한 수술이라 마냥 몇달에서 길게는 1년 넘게 대기하기에는 많은 위험성이 있어요. 현재는 한국오셔야하는것이 최선의 선택인데 보호자가 저 밖에 없고 저조차도 보호를 받는 상태라서 엄마가 혹여 위험해지실까봐 너무 걱정되어요. 저도 건강에 적신호가 켜져서 오늘 병원에 입원을 할 예정이고 엄마가 오시면 저와 함께 병원에서 머무시는게 최선일것 같아요. 혹여나 우리엄마 털끝 하나라도 건드리면 진짜 당신들 죽고 나죽는겁니다. 더 이상 가만히 있지 않을겁니다. 여러분께 부탁드리고 싶은것은 종교를 가지고 계신분이나 그렇지 않은분에게 감히 기도를 부탁드릴게요. 진실하고 간절한 마음이 모이면 온오주가 돕는다고 생각하거든요. 엄마 생신에 매년 직접 상차려드리는게 너무나 행복했고 앞으로도 그런 행복을 누리고 싶어요. 세족식이라는거 별거 아니에요. 세상에서 가장 큰 선물이라고 하실만큼 엄마가 늘상 좋아하시며 보시던 영상이거든요. 가족 방송을 했던 때 이런 추억을 만들 수 있어서 행복했고요. 여러분도 특별한 날보다 더 특별한 날이 되도록 일평생 여러분을 위해 전부를 쏟으신 부모님을 위해 세족식 한번 해드려보는것을 어떠실런지.. 저는 엄마처럼 좋은 엄마가 될수도없고 엄마처럼 좋은 엄마가 되지 못하겠지만 그래도 마음이 예쁜 사람으로 마음만은 예쁜 삶을 살아가는 모습을 보여드리는 딸로 살아가기 위해서 노력할게요. 아직 이렇게 글도 쓰고 방송도할 정도로 저 씩씩하고 건강하니까 너무 염려 마시고요. 저를 이렇게 응원해주시는것이 내 딸같고 옆집 동생 언니 누나 같아서인것 같아요. 앞으로 제가 주어진 환경에서 지켜나갈수 있는 부분을 지키며 살아갈게요. 고맙고 감사하고 또 감사합니다. . . . #엄마 #사랑해요 #with_you #나는_흰색을_좋아합니다

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