XENO-T’s B-Joo Announces Enlistment Plans

XENO-T’s B-Joo will soon be enlisting in the army.

On April 5, Hunus Entertainment posted the following notice on the group’s fan cafe:

Hello. This is Hunus Entertainment.

B-Joo of XENO-T, our company’s artist, will be enlisting in the military on April 9 to fulfil his mandatory service.

We apologize for giving this sudden news to you fans, who always send your support without holding back. We ask for your support so that B-Joo as well, following Xero, can sincerely finish his military service with no issues and return in good health.

Thank you.

A handwritten letter was also shared from B-Joo to fans. He wrote:

Hello, this is ‘Byungjoo.’

As a cool Korean man, I’ve decided to enlist in the military.

You must have been really surprised to suddenly hear about my enlistment news like this, right? I’m really surprised too, haha. I’m so, so grateful to the ‘ToppKlass’ who have protected me all this time. Since I’ll return even cooler, just wait a bit, okay?

To each and every person who has been together with me all this time, including ToppDogg, XENO-T, my hyungs, dongsaengs, and friends, thank you so much and I love you.

I’ll return in good health!!

XENO-T was formerly known as ToppDogg, and the group announced their reorganization and name change in 2018 with five members Sangdo, Hojoon, B-Joo, Xero, and Yano. Xero enlisted in the military on February 11.

We wish B-Joo all the best during his service!

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