Namyang Dairy Products Releases Another Statement Denying Connection To Hwang Ha Na’s Personal Affairs

On April 8, Namyang Dairy Products released another official statement that denied any involvement in Hwang Ha Na’s current affairs.

Hwang Ha Na is the only granddaughter of the founder of Namyang Dairy Products. When Hwang Ha Na first came under suspicion of using and distributing drugs, it was rumored that she had received favorable treatment during the investigation due to her chaebol connections.

On April 2, Namyang released a statement refuting these rumors and clarified that Hwang Ha Na had no relationship to the management of the company and that no one in her family had a job or any stock in the company.

On April 8, Namyang released another statement on their website that read:

Simply because she is the only granddaughter of our founder Hong Doo Young, our company’s name keeps coming up in connection to the public rage and resentment that Ms. Hwang Ha Na has incited with her recent actions. We regret the confusion and concern that this has caused to our consumers. Like everyone else, we hope that Ms. Hwang Ha Na will undergo an impartial trial and receive fair and severe punishment in accordance with her actions.

Neither Ms. Hwang Ha Na nor anyone in her family has shares in Namyang Dairy Products and they have nothing to do with our business affairs.

The executives and staff members of Namyang Dairy Products, who work towards the goal of producing quality products, would once again like to reassure consumers that Ms. Hwang Ha Na’s personal affairs has nothing to do with our company.

We promise to, as always, deliver quality products to consumers.

Thank you.

On April 8, MBC’s “Newsdesk” reported that Hwang Ha Na had allegedly bribed an acquaintance in 2015 in order to cover up her drug usage. Hwang Ha Na was arrested on April 4 by the Drug Investigation Unit of the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency on suspicions of injecting psychoactive drugs last year.

She was detained on April 6 out of concerns that she might try to flee the country and she and her lawyer admitted to the drug usage. However, she also alleged that a celebrity friend had forced her to take drugs again recently after a 3-year period of abstinence.

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