Police Investigate Further Suspicions Of Seungri Mediating Prostitution Services

Police have launched an investigation into further suspicions of Seungri mediating services of a sexual nature for foreign investors.

On April 10, JTBC’s “Newsroom” reported that Seungri made a reservation at a famous restaurant located in Gangnam on December of 2015 to entertain foreign investors and later provided prostitution services for his guests.

After obtaining information about this, police have recently started an investigation to confirm the validity of the allegations.

According to a worker at the restaurant, the police began investigating the restaurant shortly after Seungri’s scandals began to come to light in March. When JTBC asked if Seungri reserved the first and second floor of the restaurant, the staff member responded, “He reserved a large room on the second floor.”

Police suspect that the group dined at the restaurant and then moved to a secondary location for the sexual services.

A source at the police stated, “We’ve obtained the schedule of Seungri’s party from that day.”

The police are looking into whether the women were initially present at the restaurant, and the number and identities of those who were present.

Seungri’s lawyer has denied these allegations being investigated by the police by stating that they are not true.

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