EXO’s Chen On Being Impressed By SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan + Tells Story Of How He Ended Up In MONSTA X’s Live Broadcast

EXO’s Chen talked about being impressed by SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan on “Radio Star”!

On the April 10 episode of the MBC celebrity talk show, host Kim Gura asked Chen to name an idol vocalist that he thinks is talented. Chen replied, “When I was watching ‘Radio Star,’ I saw Seungkwan doing a parody of ‘Wi-Fi.’ He did it in such a funny way.”

Seungkwan previously sang Yoon Jong Shin‘s song “Wi-Fi” on “Radio Star” and mimicked how the song cuts off during the chorus like a Wi-Fi signal flickering off and on. His performance went viral, and he later recorded a cover.

At the MCs’ request, Chen tried mimicking the chorus as well, and they were pleased with his version too.

During the episode, the MCs asked Chen about how it was said that he bothered other idols because of the volume of his voice. Chen explained that he tends to sing loudly and when he’s at music shows, there isn’t much soundproofing between the waiting rooms.

“Idols will sometimes do live broadcasts in their waiting rooms,” he said. “But one morning I was warming up my voice by singing and the sound carried into the next room.”

“I was so sorry about it so I looked for the video, and you could really hear my voice,” he said. “Radio Star” then shared the clip he was talking about, in which MONSTA X was doing a V Live broadcast and Chen could be heard singing loudly in the next room.

Kim Gura expressed his surprise as he pointed out that Chen doesn’t tend to talk in a loud way usually, and Chen replied, “When I talk, I purposely try to talk quietly.” He then asked Chen to show how it sounds when he yells, and Chen surprised everyone with a loud yell.

Watch the clip below! The V Live broadcast footage begins at 2:13.

Check out a full episode of “Radio Star” below!

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