Choi Min Soo Denies Allegations Of Retaliatory Driving During 1st Trial

Choi Min Soo attended his first trial for alleged retaliatory driving.

On April 12 at the Seoul Southern District Court, Choi Min Soo’s legal representative said, “After the plaintiff caused the collision, she didn’t take the correct measures and drove away first. This happened while he was going after her to request safety measures, and he had no intention [to retaliate].”

Choi Min Soo is being accused of allegedly passing a vehicle that had been in his way, making a sudden stop in front of it, and deliberately causing a car accident on September 17, 2018. The prosecution estimated that about 4.2 million won (approximately $3,700) worth of car repair damages occurred to the victim’s car due to Choi Min Soo’s sudden stop.

However, Choi Min Soo’s legal representative stated, “The prosecution’s charges leave out the part that the victim first caused the accident. [Choi Min Soo] was just trying to request safety measures from the other person, who caused the accident, and there was no intention to threaten her or cause any property damage.”

The actor is also being accused of using insulting language against the female driver after the accident while trying to determine precisely what happened. About this, Choi Min Soo’s legal representative argued, “It’s true that the victim and Choi Min Soo both exchanged insulting words, but there weren’t many people around at the time, so the crime of contempt does not apply.”

The court then stated that the passenger in Choi Min Soo’s car, the victim, the mechanic of the car involved in the accident, and others at the scene would be called as witnesses in the trial.

Before the trial, Choi Min Soo said to reporters, “I am sorry to be standing here for this reason. I feel embarrassed. The allegations against me are far from the truth, and the rights and wrongs in this case will be determined through conscience and law. When reporters asked if he was willing to settle with the victim, Choi Min Soo shook his head to answer no.

The next trial will be held on May 29.

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