Beyond Comedic Charm: Moments DinDin Shined On Stage

Although DinDin made his debut through Mnet’s “Show Me the Money” as a rapper, he has made an impression on the public as a multi-faceted entertainer with his impressive variety skills.

While his music related activities sometimes get pushed out of the spotlight due to his impressive presence on variety show, DinDin has definitely proved his musical talents on stage numerous times.

Here are five unforgettable performances in which DinDin ruled the stage:

“Show Me the Money 2” — “Last King’s No Mercy”

Before getting eliminated on “Show Me the Money,” DinDin left an iconic performance titled “Last King’s No Mercy.”

As a remix of Swings’s “No Mercy,” DinDin impressed the viewers by showing off his rap talent and ambition like no other. While he wasn’t a star at the time, DinDin showed skill that wasn’t lacking while competing against professional rappers such as Swings and Mad Clown.

“Last King’s No Mercy” shows off DinDin’s rap skills, honest lyrics, and limitless potential.

Infinte Challenge” — “Dokdori” by Park Myung Soo, DinDin, and Mad Clown

In 2016, MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” held a segment titled “History X Hip Hop Project – The Great Heritage.” On the show, DinDin paired up with Park Myung Soo to produce the song “Dokdori” about Dokdo (also known as the Liancourt Rocks).

The lyrics in “Dokdori” reflect DinDin’s refreshing attitude on variety programs, and the stage also showcases his talented rap skills. In particular, the stage gained attention from the public as DinDin calmly helped Park Myung Soo when he missed a beat during the performance.

King of Masked Singer” – “That I Was Once By Your Side”

In 2017, DinDin showed his surprising vocal talent on MBC’s “King of Masked Singer.”

DinDin appeared on the show with the nickname of “Bitter Shine and Your Story,” and he performed Lee Hyuk and Flower’s “Expression of Love.”

Although he lost by a slim margin, he serenaded viewers in his sweet voice with Toy’s “That I Was Once By Your Side,” causing the panelists to praise him as they asked in surprise, “Isn’t he better at singing than rapping?”

2017 KBS Drama Awards — “Must Be The Money”

It is impossible for people who’ve tuned into KBS’s “Chief Kim” to not know “Must Be The Money.”

With its addicting melody and memorable rap, “Must Be The Money” was sung by DinDin. In 2017 at the KBS Drama Awards, DinDin showcased the song live as a congratulatory performance.

He impressed viewers by completely filling up the stage on his own with his amazing singing and rap skills.

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“The Kiss” — “Breath” by Sandeul and DinDin

On KBS2’s “The Kiss,” DinDin performed Lee Hi’s “Breathe” with B1A4’s Sandeul.

“Breathe” is composed and written by the late SHINee’s Jonghyun, and the song sends a warm message of comfort. Sandeul began the performance with his explosive vocal talents, and DinDin soon joined him with a new rap portion that wasn’t in the original song.

In the second half of the song, DinDin perfectly harmonized with Sandeul, touching the viewers’ hearts.

What is your favorite performance by DinDin?

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