“Running Man” Reveals The Final Victor Of Jun So Min’s Action-Packed Date Race

On this week’s episode of “Running Man,” Jun So Min enjoyed a romantic race with Kim Ji Suk, Lee Yi Kyung, and Ha Seok Jin!

During the April 14 broadcast of SBS’s “Running Man,” to celebrate Jun So Min’s birthday, the seven cast members competed against her to decide who gets to pay for her date expenses.

While the “Running Man” cast tried to escape the room they were locked in, Jun So Min had to complete her missions before the cast escaped as she enjoyed her dates with her “Top Star U-Back” co-star Kim Ji Suk, “Maids” co-star Lee Yi Kyung, and “1% of Anything” co-star Ha Seok Jin.

Jun So Min and Kim Ji Suk completed their mission before the “Running Man” cast escaped the room. As they enjoyed a romantic meal at a restaurant, Kim Ji Suk showed off these five romantic gestures: he told her that she is pretty, wiped her mouth for her, let her know she makes him jealous when she is with other guys, informed her she makes his heart flutter, and also cut her steak for her. After winning the mission, they selected Yang Se Chan as the member to pay for their first date expense.

During the next mission, Jun So Min had to take tango lessons with either Kim Ji Suk or Lee Yi Kyung and master the moves before the “Running Man” members arrived. Lee Yi Kyung gave Jun So Min tulips and showed off his dance skills, hoping to get selected by Jun So Min as her dance partner. However, Jun So Min selected Kim Ji Suk as her partner.

As a result, Lee Yi Kyung was eliminated and joined the “Running Man” cast in their mission to learn the choreography of BTS’s “IDOL” from the show’s resident dance teacher J-Black. Yoo Jae Suk got into the mission as he took off his jeans and reappeared with only leggings on, saying that his pants were uncomfortable. Despite these efforts, Jun So Min won the mission again and selected Lee Kwang Soo as the next person to cover their date expenses.

Jun So Min met her last date partner, Ha Seok Jin, at a go-kart track. Kim Ji Suk became jealous as he saw Jun So Min fixing her make-up before heading to the go-kart track. Kim Ji Suk asked Ha Seok Jin how many kiss scenes they’ve had and Ha Seok Jin responded, “We even had ad-lib [unscripted] kiss scenes.” Kim Ji Suk replied, “We did too. We had a total of about 40 kiss scenes.” After a game of jenga with the two male guests, Jun So Min ultimately selected Ha Seok Jin to complete the go-kart mission.

Meanwhile, the running man members and Lee Yi Kyung attempted to complete their mission of moving as much flour as they could into a cup with roller skates on. Jun So Min and Ha Seok Jin won the go-kart race and selected Kim Jong Kook to cover the date expense.

Kim Ji Suk joined the “Running Man” cast in the final race against Jun So Min and Ha Seok Jin. The couple had to take a selfie while being chased by the “Running Man” cast, Lee Yi Kyung, and Kim Ji Suk.


In the end, Jun So Min failed her final mission as Kim Ji Suk snatched her name tag. Lee Yi Kyung and Kim Ji Suk were each rewarded a diamond ring, while Jun So Min received a punishment of having her face covered with whipping cream and paying for all of her date expenses.

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