MONSTA X And SEVENTEEN: The Bromance That Keeps On Giving

It always warms our hearts when we see our favorite idols being supportive of each other and showing off a brotherhood that crosses groups and agencies. And a prime example of such a solid brotherhood is one between MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN. Both groups debuted in May 2015, and because of regular overlapping activities, the two groups became fast friends. And thus, MONTEEN was born.

So for all the MONTEEN stans out there, here are some moments between the two groups to give you the warm and fuzzies:

When they lit up the MAMA stage

Their collaboration at the 2015 MAMA Hong Kong stage gave us a taste of just how epic a dance crew these 20 boys are when together. And from that day on, we’ve had our fingers crossed for more collabs!

When they are each others’ biggest supporters

With both groups being regulars at awards shows and year-end stages, you’ll easily come across videos of the boys hyping the other group’s stages and performances. They’re honestly each others’ biggest fans!

And they’re genuinely happy for each others’ success:

When SEVENTEEN was just as excited as Monbebes to see MONSTA X’s Wonho’s abs

Fans also caught on to the fact that the two groups share a group chat:

When SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu became MONSTA X’s 8th member

When MONSTA X was on “Inkigayo,” fans were highly amused when they noticed MC Mingyu’s wardrobe naturally blending in. He even danced along with them!

And speaking of Mingyu, here he was hyping MONSTA X’s “Alligator” comeback!

When they appreciate each others’ songs

The two groups obviously love imitating each other and jovially poking fun at each others’ performance quirks. But you can always tell they genuinely enjoy the other group’s songs and stages.

Here’s MONSTA X’s Minhyuk and Kihyun jamming to SEVENTEEN’s “Getting Closer” on one of their V Lives:

And both groups had fun dancing to each other’s songs during their fan meetings:

When SEVENTEEN was determined to get a MONSTA X quiz correct

The SEVENTEEN boys sang through MONSTA X’s “All In” just to count the number of times the word “걸어” appeared. Even more hilarious? MONSTA X themselves got the answer wrong! Ha!

When they went public at ISAC

The “Idol Star Athletics Championships” (ISAC) have always been a goldmine for MONTEEN moments, and this year’s Lunar New Year outing was no different. The two groups faced each other in Men’s Archery, which not only showed off their impressive archery skills but also their general camaraderie, which in SEVENTEEN’s Woozi’s language means messing with MONSTA X’s Kihyun.

During the bowling segment for the same ISAC, MONSTA X hyungs also made sure to give attention to SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu as he was alone.

In the previous year’s bowling event, MONSTA X’s Wonho was bummed for Mingyu when he lost in his round… to Minhyuk!

When MONSTA X’s Minhyuk has SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan on his mind

When asked who he wanted to invite as a guest for the first episode of “Show! Audio Jockey,” Minhyuk’s answer was none other than Seungkwan!

When they twinned

SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X share such a deep bond, they even have songs with the same titles, such as “Oh My!”, “Crazy in Love,” and “Beautiful.”

They also wore the same maroon-colored clothing during one of their 2017 promotions, and there was just a sea of maroon hugging each other! Fellow good friends, ASTRO, got in on the maroon fun too, totaling up to 26 hyper boys!

Even their taste palates are similar. Similarly wrong that is! Ha!

When they appear in each others’ V Lives

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups randomly popped into one of MONSTA X’s V Lives, and took the chance to mess with Joohoney, but also affirmed what we all knew — Hoshi has a major soft spot for his Joohoney hyung.

When their fandoms are just as in love with each other

S.Coups mentioned the above incident on SEVENTEEN’s own “Going SEVENTEEN,” and gave a loving shout out to both MONSTA X and Monbebes, and asked the fandoms to be friends with each other because the boys themselves were such good friends.

But Carats and Monbebes didn’t need the urging, because the two fandoms have learned from the best, and are totally in love with each other too.

They know each others’ fan chants, which amazed the boys as evidenced by this interaction between MONSTA X’s I.M and SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan:

Fansites and subbers also had fun during April Fools by “switching” accounts:

It’s basically just a love fest all around!

Don’t you just love how much these two groups shine together? MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN forever! Leave your own favorite MONTEEN moments in the comments section below!

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