Watch: A Town Is Thrown Into Chaos As Faith Is Questioned In Chilling Teaser For

“Save Me 2” has unveiled the dark stories it will tell with its main trailer.

OCN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Save Me 2” released the teaser video on April 19. The clip starts with a black car driving into a quiet countryside town and Choi Kyung Seok (Chun Ho Jin) can be heard saying, “The thing that is naturally created when you want to hold onto something, that’s faith.” He appears to be a benevolent being as he says, “The people of our town need to band together more.” But in the dark, he begins to laugh a sinister laugh that is completely different from the man who has been seen in previous teasers.

Kim Min Chul (Uhm Tae Goo) sees him and says, “What is he?” He himself is quite the character as he swears and picks fights with people, even approaching Choi Kyung Seok near the end of the video as he says, “Come over here, I’ll destroy me.” There is set to be tension between the two as their faiths and characters are put into question.

The music soars as Kim Min Chul is slapped across the face, Choi Kyung Seok slams his hands against the handlebar, Kim Young Sun (Esom) wails “That’s not a human!” with tears streaming down her eyes, Sung Chul Woo (Kim Young Min) warns Kim Min Chul with, “You’ll be punished,” and Go Eun Ah (Han Sun Hwa) looks at something with a shocked expression on her face. Everything takes place in a town that’s become hypnotized by a pseudo-religion.

Check out the suspenseful teaser below!

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