Wheesung Shares Recording Of Recent Phone Call With Amy About Her Allegations

On April 19, Wheesung posted on his Instagram account about the rumors linking him to Amy’s recent allegations.

He and his agency, Realslow Company, also shared a recording of a phone call between Wheesung, Amy, and another acquaintance in which they clear up the misunderstandings that led to Amy’s allegations.

Specifically, they are discussing her allegation that she heard from a mutual acquaintance that her celebrity friend had suggested they film sexual videos of her in order to blackmail her and stop her from going to the police.

Wheesung begins his post by stating that the recordings were made with Amy’s permission.

According to the video, the recording was made on April 17 at 10 p.m. KST, approximately five hours after Wheesung officially denied her allegations in a statement put out by his agency. The video also states strongly that it was Amy who first sought out Wheesung’s contact information and made the phone call.

In the video, Amy says that it took her a lot of courage to make the phone call (to Wheesung). Some of the audio from the next part of the conversation is removed and the agency states through text in the video that they are discussing which of their acquaintances told Amy that Wheesung had suggested sexual blackmail.

The agency also states that Wheesung already knew the identity of the acquaintance (referred to as “X”) before Amy told him. This is apparently because Amy had made similar allegations in 2013 and at that time it was X who was concerned in those allegations.

Wheesung then calls X, whose voice has been distorted in the recording, presumably in order to protect his identity.

Wheesung says to X, “I had no reason to say those things [about Amy], no reason to even want to do it… First it was death threats, then it was sexual assault… It keeps changing. Anyway, is it Amy who is saying this or did you tell this to her? Because she says it was you.”

X replies, “Why would I tell her something like that?”

Wheesung says, “Did I say those things? Did I ever really say those things [about her]?”

X replies, “There’s no way you would have said those things. You were really close with Amy and when I said bad things about her, you got mad and we fought about it.”

The recording returns to the conversation between Amy and Wheesung. Wheesung tells Amy what X said to him in the phone call. Amy does not respond verbally, but her sigh can be heard through the audio recording. Wheesung also says to her, “I recorded the conversation with him. What am I supposed to do now? How am I going to live now?”

The agency states through text that Wheesung has been put under suspicion because of the misunderstanding between Amy and X. They add that if anyone has recordings concerning the allegation, they should publicly release them.

In the next part of the recording, Wheesung, getting emotional, says, “What am I going to do?” Amy responds, “Listening to your story today, I felt like trash. I did wrong.” Now in tears, Wheesung says, “Even if you say you’re sorry, I won’t believe anyone anymore. My concert was canceled and my contracts have been invalidated. What am I going to do about my living now? Do you think I can even sing now?”

Amy says, “Forgive me. I’ll take it all back. Even if people swear at me, I will.” Wheesung says, “Why do you only think about yourself?” She responds, “I’ve always felt inferior to you,” he says, “Why do I have to pay for that with my life,” and the audio fades out.

The recording ends there. The video continues with the agency’s statement in text:

After the phone call, Amy removed what she had written from Instagram. The recording was made with the permission of all parties, the phone call was not pre-arranged between the parties, and Amy was the first to call Wheesung on April 17 at 10 p.m.

Once again, it is not true that Wheesung ever threatened anyone with sexual assault. This case happened because Amy misheard something from a third party and thought that Wheesung had said those words himself. Through this phone call, Wheesung has told her about the misunderstanding. We intend to take a strong legal response in order to prevent these rumors from spreading. Moreover, if Amy’s one-sided claim that she has a recording is true, we urge her to make it public.

We assume that Amy is also feeling very confused about the case. However, it is no longer possible for us to let these false stories spread any longer. We ask her to clear up the allegations quickly.

Once again, we state strongly that 6 years ago, Wheesung was found not guilty of the suspicion of using Propofol after a high-quality investigation. The allegations of conspiring to commit sexual assault are completely untrue. And once again, we repeat that this recording was made after Amy called Wheesung first. 

Wheesung has received a severe mental shock from this case and he is facing lawsuits about breach of contract. Because of one unconfirmed social media post, one person’s life and living were called into question. Who will take responsibility for all of this damage? In order for there not to be any more victims, we ask that people stop witch hunts based on groundless rumors.

The following is Wheesung’s Instagram post:

This is Wheesung. I received a phone call from Amy on the night of April 17, and the following recording was made with Amy’s permission.

Nonetheless, I thought a lot about whether I should release it. From the very beginning, and even now, I believe that it is possible that Amy was also a victim in this case. I hesitated for a long time as to whether I should release this recording. However, I judged that it was better to release it so that the fans can learn the truth behind all the suspicions that have been cast over my name.

Amy has clearly stated to me her intention to make an official apology. However, I was uneasy that without any evidence of checking for the truth, an apology made out of emotion would only further the controversy. That is why I asked Amy to first remove the post on Instagram and to tell the truth to the reporters who interviewed her.

Amy has accepted these requests and in addition, I asked her not to take any more rash actions from now on.

Out of necessity, the recording has been edited to remove parts that have nothing to do with the case.

I feel like I’ve already lost everything. Nonetheless, Amy’s apology should be considered as an action of her free will. If she does apologize, I only hope that it is sincere.

(1) The reason I was late to respond to the issue

Amy did not use any specific names, and it was not possible for me to intervene in a situation where there was no strong sense of identification. But our statement about the facts and the proof behind our denial had already been prepared by the time the situation had broken out.

(2) Legal response

As a small business that depends solely on the business of the singer Wheesung, it’s obvious that we would make a tempting target. We are preparing lawsuits against malicious commenters who have initiated personal attacks and spread false information to the point of requiring legal force. We intend to pursue strong punishments in this matter.

(3) Cancellation of concerts

It was not I who chose to bring up this incident again after everything had been settled [six years ago], but I recognized that it would be difficult to hold a concert in this situation and agreed to cancel the joint concert between me and K.Will. I am very regretful about this. After everything has been settled, we plan to consult with the concert agency in order to put on an even better concert.

In any case, I’m deeply sorry to my friend K.Will, Spring Entertainment, and Starship Entertainment for having to get involved in this case.

(4) The essential thing

It is possible for all of the major players in this case to have been victims. When this case was picked up by the media and spread like wildfire, it became possible for anyone to have been victimized. Rather than understand the situation, I ask that we not get carried away by the influence of our emotions but stand neutral in order to seek out the whole truth.

I hope that this situation is quietly resolved. I apologize to all of the people who have supported me until now.


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