TV Personality Amy Says Celebrity Friend Took Drugs With Her And Asked Her To Take The Blame

On April 16, TV personality Amy took to her Instagram and revealed that a celebrity friend identified as “A” took drugs with her and begged her to take the blame in the past.

Amy was first arrested for using propofol in 2012. She was sentenced to two years on probation, with the possibility of an eight-month prison sentence if she were to commit a repeated offense during her probation period. She was once again caught abusing the psychotropic drug Zolpidem in 2014 and charged with a fine. Being an American citizen, she was ultimately deported to Guam in December 2015.

The following is the full statement from Amy:

Today is such an upsetting day, and my heart aches a lot. Even though it’s late, I’ve been reflecting on myself for the past few years, thinking and feeling regretful about my past. I’ve been trying to improve myself everyday and remembering the days I received love but also made mistakes.

I used to have a friend whom I really liked. He was like a soulmate to me, a person I was proud of. And then, I made a mistake and ended up going to the police station. When [the police] asked me who I used propofol with, not a single word came out of my mouth. I begged them to only punish me.

Before I was arrested, when words on the street said I was going to be arrested, I suddenly received a phone call. And I heard some unimaginable things that [someone suggested], “Amy might tell the police about me. Let’s meet up with her to film sexual videos and photos [of her] so that she won’t be able to tell on me.”

The person who suggested that was my friend. The person who received the suggestion only told me because they could not go through with it. It was shocking.

As soon as the investigation started, my friend, who was in the military at the time, called me every morning and made excuses like, “Please help me. I’m sorry. It’s nothing like that.” He may have used me since I’m soft-hearted. He would call me everyday at dawn asking me to take the fall and said things like, “My life as a celebrity could end,” or he would die.

Even though he denied about making plans to film videos and photos of sexual activity, there is a recording [of him saying it]. I at least expected him to contact me on the day he was discharged from the military. To know that he returned safely. However, there was no call from him.

So I called him. When I asked him if he knows how much effort I put in [to protect him], he said something along the lines of, “When did you ever help me?” The person who used to beg me was avoiding me now that the matter has settled. It would have been enough if he said thank you. There’s a small part of me that cannot forgive him.

What’s more upsetting than keeping my loyalty [to him] like a fool and going to the detention center alone is that I got to know the true nature of my most cherished friend. That makes my heart ache the most, and I will not be able to forget his betrayal.

I was with “A” for every propofol [injection]. Same goes for Zolpidem. I’m still asking for forgiveness and being punished for the crime I committed, while you are smiling so brightly on television. You shouldn’t have done that to me!! You pretended like you did not know and ran away from the things you did. And you still instigated someone to do such a thing to me. Am I supposed to forgive you? That makes me sad.

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Updated April 18 KST: This post on Amy’s Instagram account is currently no longer visible.

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