Watch: PENTAGON Covers Kim Yeon Ja’s Ode To Korea In “Immortal Songs” Special In Japan

The April 20 episode of KBS’s “Immortal Songs” was set in Japan as part of the show’s 400th episode special.

Covering the songs of Kim Yeon Ja, a Korean singer who has also released many hit songs in Japan, singers BEN, PENTAGON, Min Woo Hyuk, Jung Dong Ha, IZ*ONE, and Son Seung Yeon appeared as guest performers.

In the backstage interview, Yeo One was asked about his family’s love for “Immortal Songs,” which he talked about the last time PENTAGON was on the show. He said, “They bought our episode on VOD and play it all the time. When we’re eating dinner, when relatives come over, it’s always on TV.”

When asked about their goal for this episode, Hongseok said it was to get one win. When asked who he wanted to go up against, he said, “When we were practicing yesterday, I noticed that IZ*ONE’s performance was similar to ours. I think that’s why we can consider them our rivals.”

The song that PENTAGON covered was Kim Yeon Ja’s “From the Land of the Morning,” a tribute song to Korea that was very popular in Japan. The song is associated with the 1988 Seoul Olympics and recently achieved new popularity after its appearance in the drama “Reply 1988.”

As their performance built to a peak, Yuto, who is from Japan, hyped up the audience in his native language.


Singer BEN was the first to perform on the episode and won 723 votes from the audience. PENTAGON performed second and was unable to overtake her impressive lead. In fact, BEN held on to her lead through all six performances, giving her the final win in an “all-kill” streak.

The 400th episode special of “Immortal Songs” continues on April 27. In the meantime, check out an episode of the show below!

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