MAMAMOO Talks About How They Support Each Other During Solo Promotions

On the April 20 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” MAMAMOO appeared as guests!

During the show, the girl group talked about the fact that all four of them have released music as solo artists.

When Kang Ho Dong asked them about the pros and cons of promoting solo, Hwasa said, “[The pros] are that when there are four of us, we have to pay special attention to the way we balance each other out. So there are times when we have to hold back in order to create greater harmony.”

She continued, “But when we’re promoting solo, we have to fill the whole stage by ourselves, so we put out everything we have to give.”

Min Kyung Hoon asked the other members how they felt about the success of Hwasa’s solo song, “Twit.” Solar replied, “Because we’re all part of MAMAMOO, I think that it had a good influence on MAMAMOO overall. Some people might think that one person is standing out above the rest, but it’s actually good for the team.”

Moonbyul added, “When Hwasa got the No. 1, I was so proud of her. It was really something to be proud of. The fact that one of us could go solo and get No. 1 by herself, that’s so amazing.”

Seo Jang Hoon intervened with a realistic question, asking what MAMAMOO did with their earnings when they went solo, and the girl group replied that earnings from solo promotions go to the solo artist. Lee Sang Min said, “They say that it’s actually harder to cheer someone on who is doing well than comfort someone who is doing badly. But the person who cheers you on when you succeed is your true friend.”

Hwasa was also asked about Wheein’s appearance in her “Twit” music video. Wheein and Hwasa have been friends since their school days in Jeonju, and Hwasa said, “When I was young and dreaming of becoming a singer, I thought it would be great if Wheein could appear in my music video.”

Wheein added, “Hwasa first appeared in the music video for my solo single [‘Easy’], so it was a fair exchange of labor.”

Hwasa also said that Moonbyul and Solar had supported her solo promotions behind the scenes. Solar had sent her a coffee truck on the set of her music video and Moonbyul had bought pizza for the rest of the staff.

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