Ju Won Tak Calls Out People Leaving Malicious Comments About MustB’s Car Accident

Former RAINZ member Ju Won Tak had something to say to people leaving malicious comments about boy group MustB’s car accident.

In the early hours of April 21, boy group MustB was involved in a car accident that unfortunately led to the passing of their manager after he was transferred to the hospital for serious injuries. The four group members and one agency employee who were in the car were also taken to the hospital to receive treatment for injuries.

Ju Won Tak took to his personal Instagram account on April 21 and directed a message to people writing rude and malicious comments on articles about the accident.

The comments under MustB’s articles are really shameful.

After hearing the news of the accident in the early hours of the morning, I stayed up all night and as someone close to them, seeing shameful comments like “Who’s MustB?” “The manager’s giving a boost to nobodies as he leaves,” “It was his time to go,” and “They just need to get someone new” is filling me with so much anger.

Are you people even human?

Is there anything more important than a person’s life?

You don’t even know what the members are struggling through. I don’t care about my image, I have to say this. You people are rotten to the core.

To the manager, rest in peace.

+) It was an accident so serious that the members lost consciousness. They have regained their consciousness and are now receiving treatment and recovering.

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#머스트비 기사 댓글 수준 정말 미개하다. 멤버들 새벽부터 사고 소식듣고 같이 밤 샜는데 머스트비가 누구냐, 매니저 듣보잡 띄우고 가네 , 갈때가 됐다, 바꾸면 그만이지 라는 등의 진짜 미개한 사람들 댓글을 보고 측근으로서 너무 화가 치밀어 올라. 당신들이 사람입니까? 사람 목숨보다 중요한 게 어디있어요. 힘들어 하는 멤버들 속사정은 아무것도 모르면서. 이미지 필요없고 난 할 말은 해야겠어 진짜 썩었어 당신들은 매니저분의 삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다. . (+멤버들 의식불명의 상태일 정도로 심각한 사고였습니다. 현재는 의식이 돌아오고 치료 회복 중에 있습니다.)

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We send our deepest condolences to the manager’s family and friends.

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