Watch: PENTAGON Tears Up In MV For Moving Self-Produced Track “Genius” Featuring Their Fathers

PENTAGON released a moving MV for a song called “Genius” on April 22 at midnight KST. The lyrics were written by Hui, Shinwon, Yuto, and Wooseok, and the song was composed by Hui and Shinwon.

“Genius” is a motivational and moving song about pursuing your dreams and trying your best despite your fears. The MV shows the members creating the song together in the studio and dancing in the practice room.

Towards the end of the song, their fathers sing:

“Hey child, are you hurt anywhere?

Call me often kiddo

Just do it as you guys want to do

I’ll always be with you, my everything.”

Their fathers then say in voice recordings, “I love you son. Good luck! Yan An, dad misses you a lot. I love you. Take good care of yourself and good luck. Yuto, I’ll always love you. I always love you son,” in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. The members burst into tears hearing their father’s voices and their messages.

The song continues:

“My mama and papa who I miss more than anyone else in the world

In order to not go back empty-handed after time passes

I worked hard with all my might

I don’t know if I’m a genius

I don’t know the ending but I only move forward

For you.”

Check out the MV below:

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