Staff Members Speak About Migyo’s Past Behavior + Former Group Members Defend Her

Former staff members and group members who worked with Migyo have revealed their sides of the story regarding her past behavior.

In November 2018, Migyo sent a certification of contents to terminate her exclusive contract with JG Star Entertainment. The agency responded with a lawsuit for damages in February 2019, Migyo posted a statement on April 8, and JG Star released an official statement on April 16.

On April 22, a former staff member of Migyo said that the singer played a large role in the disbandment of her former groups Bob Girls and LoveUs.

Former staff members “A” and “B” spoke up about Migyo’s past actions during an interview.

“A” was a staff member when Migyo was a part of Bob Girls. “A” said, “The reason for Bob Girls’ disbandment was due to Jina’s brain tumor, but Migyo’s impact also can’t be ignored. While fighting with the member she shared a room with, she physically fought her saying that she would kill her. Because of this, the glass door was broken and other members sustained big injuries because they stepped on pieces of broken glass.”

“A” continued, “At the time, the members said, ‘We can’t do group promotions because we are scared of Migyo,’ and Jina’s illness was also discovered, so the group disbanded.”

“B” was a staff member when Migyo debuted again in the group LoveUs after the disbandment of Bob Girls. “Migyo did everything her way,” said “B”. “If she disliked something even a little bit, she badmouthed others and pit others against each other. She left the practice room without notice and didn’t come out often reasoning that her home was far from the practice room.”

“B” added, “Migyo also asked for treatment like YG Entertainment’s. She wanted to film a big budget music video and be treated that way. Since we were a small agency, we didn’t have the means to do so but tried to include her opinion as much as possible. We said, ‘We can’t do it if it’s going to be this way,’ because she was excessive, and Migyo said, ‘Then I won’t do it’ and sent a certification of contents.”

Migyo’s former group members, however, denied the claims with their sides of the story.

With photos of her and Migyo, Yujeong shared the following post:

Migyo is really skinny so it would not turn out well for her if she fought with me. I was cheering her on and thinking that she was slowly doing well, but what is this? Our stories from three to four years ago are suddenly becoming articles and coming up on portal sites. During the MBC reality show, it was shown that I was her roommate, so all my acquaintances are contacting me. I lived in dorms a lot while being a trainee and idol for 10 years, but I’ve never been in a physical fight or have been told that I will be killed. I am startled. I don’t know what’s what, but I hope all of it will be resolved well. I am attending school well and studying. It’s exam period right now…please leave me alone.

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#미교 삐쩍 말라서 저랑 치고박고 그러면 큰일나욤….. 그냥 천천히 잘되고있구나 응원하고 있었는데 뭐지…? 갑자기 3-4년전 저희 이야기가 기사화 되고, 포털에 올라오고 #mbc리얼리티 방송때 제가 룸메인거 다 나와서 지인분들한테 연락이 오네요 저는 10년동안 연습생&아이돌생활 하면서 #숙소생활 굉장히 많이 했는데 #죽인다 그러고 #몸싸움 하고 그런적 한번도 없습니다 당황스럽네요 뭐가 뭔지 모르겠지만 우선 다 잘 해결되길 바랍니다 저는 학교 열심히 다니면서 공부하고 있습니다 지금도 시험기간인데…. 내버려두세요……….

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Migyo posted a screenshot of Yujeong’s post with the following caption:

I am exhausted, sad, and tearful. I don’t have anywhere to go, nowhere to lean on, and it is a moment that I hope was the end. I really thank you for your courageous words. I firmly believe that the truth will be revealed and will gain strength. I love you Yujeong. I didn’t want anything special if I could just sing on stage. And it is the same going forward. If I can sing on stage, I’ll go wherever that is and do whatever it takes. I don’t know why you are being so cruel to me whose only dream is to sing. Is it fun? Do I have to fall to the ground in front of the power of the powerful, media, and articles with groundless information? Please just let me sing.

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지치고 힘들고 눈물 나고 더 이상 갈 곳도 기댈 곳도 없고 마지막이고 싶은 순간이네요….. 너의 소신있는 말 한마디…. 정말 고마워… 꼭 밝혀질 거라 굳게 믿고 힘낼게요. 사랑해 유정아 전 그냥 무대에서 노래만 할 수 있다면 아무것도 특별한 걸 원하지 않았어요. 앞으로도 마찬가지입니다.. 무대에서 노래를 할 수 있다면 어디든 달려갈 것이고 무엇이든 할 거예요. 단지 노래하는 게 꿈인 저에게 왜 이렇게까지 가혹하게 하시는지.. 즐거우신가요..? 갑과 언론의 힘 앞에, 허무맹랑한 사실을 앞세운 기사 글에 저 같은 약자는 그냥 이렇게 주저앉아만 있어야 하나요… 그냥 노래하게 해주세요..

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Along with Yujeong, former Bob Girls and LoveUs member Danbi also posted a photo with Migyo during their group promotions.

Too bad this isn’t a recent photo, but I chose one that reminded me of our memories at the time. It was so difficult, but we promoted while closely relying on one another. My heart hurts seeing her going through a difficult time due to false articles and a witch hunt. I really don’t like our memories being twisted negatively through a few articles. If you are not the one involved, please don’t talk while speculating and imagining things. As a member of Bob Girls and LoveUs, I am a member who knows the truth more accurately. Migyo, please gather strength. Hwaiting!

Haeun, who formerly promoted as LoveUs member Euna, shared the following post:

Hello, this is LoveUs’s Euna.

This is my first time in awhile writing a post as Euna…but this is so unfortunate.

I was a member of LoveUs with Migyo unnie. Recently, I felt so proud as it seemed like Migyo unnie was finally showcasing her true potential, being recognized, and was spreading her wings more.

But that didn’t last long before this… All of us were going through painful times together, and we endured it all together. I feel so upset thinking of Migyo unnie who must be in the most pain because of the witch hunt and these nonsense articles with false information… Migyo unnie is the type of person who is the first to run over when I am having a hard time. I also want to give her strength at least through this..

On the outside, it seems like she is enduring it well, but she must be having the hardest time. I hope it will be settled as quickly as possible. Gain strength, Migyo.

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안녕하세요 러브어스 은아입니다. 오랜만에 은아로써 글을 쓰는 것 같은데… 너무 유감입니다. 저는 미교언니와 함께 러브어스의 멤버였습니다. 최근 미교 언니가 이제서야 진가를 발휘하여 인정받고 조금씩 날개를 펴고 날아오르는 것 같아 너무나 자랑스러웠습니다. 그것도 잠시 이게 무슨일인지… 저희는 다 같이 아팠고 다 같이 이겨냈습니다. 그런데 이렇게 말도 안되는 허위사실들의 기사들과 마녀사냥으로 인해 가장 아플 미교언니를 생각하니 너무 속상합니다… 미교언니는 제게 힘든일이 있을 때면 제일 먼저 달려와주는 그런 사람입니다. 저도 이렇게나마 힘이 되고 싶습니다.. 겉으로는 잘 이겨내고 있는 것 같지만 가장 힘들 언니 .. 하루빨리 잘 해결되었으면 좋겠습니다… #미교 #힘내요 ?

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Migyo also posted a screenshot of the posts by Danbi and Euna and thanked them for speaking the truth, as well as other former staff members who posted in defense of her.

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진실을 말해줘서 고맙고 감사해요..!

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