“I Live Alone” PD Shares Stories About Most Memorable Guests Including MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And TVXQ

Hwang Ji Young, the producing director (PD) of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” talked about the cast members and memorable guests in an interview with Star News.

When asked how MAMAMOO’s Hwasa became a cast member, Hwang Ji Young replied, “When we first interviewed Hwasa, she wasn’t receiving a large amount of attention from the public. One day I watched a video on YouTube of Hwasa performing at a university festival, and she was so talented and the reaction to her was great as well. Most idols don’t have much personal time because they are busy holding world tours and producing songs. However, when I interviewed her I found out that Hwasa had a personal life and her own definite unique preferences. It was good to see that she had already figured out her preferences at such a young age.”

Hwang Ji Young also talked about Choi Jung Hoon, the vocalist of band Jannabi, who appeared on the show recently. She referred to him as Jannabi as she said, “Jannabi gives off a different vibe compared to original cast member Yook Joong Wan. Yook Joong Wan made us feel a bit of pity or sympathy towards him, but Jannabi seemed to enjoy a retro vibe and he works on music in that kind of atmosphere. He even orders and eats a whole pizza. I think Jannabi portrays the younger generation. I plan to ask him to appear again in the show if viewers want to see more of him. Just like Sung Hoon joined the cast members, so can anyone else. Please continue to watch how things turn out.”

TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin featured on the show twice, and the interviewer said they seem to almost be cast members. In response to this comment, Hwang Ji Young said, “The two enjoyed working with our show so much that they want to appear on the show whenever their schedules permit them to. Their second time appearing on the show, Yunho went to see his niece, and Changmin went to Hallasan with EXO’s Xiumin. I liked that they showed their true selves and was thankful that they didn’t hesitate to be honest about themselves. Both they and we want them to appear on the show.”

Additionally, screenwriter Lee Kyung Ha added, “Once guests appear in our show once, they want to continue appearing on our show. Guest members seem to get along with our cast members as well.”

Lee Kyung Ha also talked about guests Yoon Kyun Sang, Jung Ryeo Won, and Jessi.

She commented, “Yoon Kyun Sang hesitated about appearing on the show at first. After seeing how much energy it takes to take care of animals, I began to think Yoon Kyun Sang is a good person. I also really liked Jung Ryeo Won’s episode. I was thankful she trusted the crew. Jessi was definitely different off stage, and she was also full of energy in the recording studio. She was very laid back so filming with her was fun. Because the guest’s home and acquaintances are exposed when they appear on the show, we have to edit out a lot of parts.”

She further added, “Once we have met our guests, they feature again when there’s good content to be broadcast. Because the cast trusts the crew and thinks of us as family, we do our best to broadcast their best moments. That’s how we continue to maintain good relationships [with guest members]. Guest and cast members have also gotten together on several occasions. For instance, Park Na Rae and Jung Ryeo Won got together as well as Daniel Henney and the cast members.

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