Jung Il Woo, Go Ara, And Lead Cast Of “Haechi” Share Their Favorite Scenes

SBS’s drama “Haechiremains the No. 1 most-watched drama on Mondays and Tuesdays with its exciting storyline and great actors!

On April 27, “Haechi” revealed the four lead actors’ picks for their favorite scenes.

Warning: spoilers ahead

Jung Il Woo selected a scene from Episodes 21 and 22 as his favorite, where Prince Yeoning (his character) states that he will also tax the noble class. Jung Il Woo commented, “I think this scene really showed how Prince Yeoning is not just becoming king because he’s the heir, but because he truly thinks about the situation and the feelings of the people. Through this scene, I could relate to Prince Yeoning’s feelings and was able to focus on the acting even more.” When Prince Yeoning was implicated in murdering the king and was at risk for losing his position as heir, this scene helped Prince Yeoning convince the public of his sincerity towards them.

Go Ara chose the action scene where her character, Yeo Ji, arrests Gae Dol (Do Ki Suk) in Episodes 5 and 6. She shared, “There were a lot of good lines and scenes. Among them, I think the scene where [Yeo Ji] catches Gae Dol with a rope shows very well how Ye Ji is a courageous and confident damo [female Joseon-era investigator].”

In addition, she mentioned the scene where Prince Yeoning confesses his feelings to Yeo Ji in Episodes 21 and 22. Go Ara said, “Prince Yeoning’s line that goes, ‘No matter what happens, one person. The feeling of wanting to protect that one person. That is how I feel towards you’ really made my heart flutter. I hope you continue to show interest in Prince Yeoning and Yeo Ji’s romance until the very end.”

Kwon Yool’s favorite scene was when Park Moon Soo (his character) talks back to the head inspector Joo Young Han (Jung Soon Won) in Episodes 19 and 20. At the Saheonbu (a Joseon-era board of inspection) welcome party for new inspectors, Joo Young Han insults Park Moon Soo. In response, Park Moon Soo said, “Do you know why the world sucks? It’s because crappy people who don’t know they’re full of crap do a crappy job and take the country’s money. It’s because of scumbag people like you.”

Kwon Yool shared, “I think this scene portrays the righteousness and courage of Moon Soo, who puts justice before his position or personal success. Just like at the welcome party, the people in power maintain their power through corruption, and I think Moon Soo said that line on behalf of all viewers. I think that’s why many viewers related [to Moon Soo].”

Lastly, Park Hoon chose the reunion of Dal Moon (his character) and ex-lover Chun Yoon Young (Bae Jung Hwa) as his favorite scene. In this scene, Chun Yoon Young returns to see Dal Moon after becoming the lover of Dal Moon’s enemy. Dal Moon wavers as Chun Yoon Young asks Dal Moon for his help.

Park Hoon stated, “Dal Moon, who seemed to be perfect at everything he does, has his principles shattered with his reunion with Chun Yoon Young, who is like his Achilles’ heel. This scene, which shows Dal Moon’s humane side, is most memorable for me.” He added, “I am grateful to actress Bae Jung Hwa, who helped portray the poignant relationship between Dal Moon and Chun Yoon Young.”

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