NU’EST Reveals Their Thoughts And Goals About 1st Comeback As Full Group In Almost 3 Years

On April 29, NU’EST held a showcase in Seoul for their sixth mini album “Happily Ever After” featuring the title track “BET BET.” This is their first comeback with all five members since August 2016, and all the members recently renewed their contracts with Pledis Entertainment.

JR stated, “Comebacks always make me excited and nervous. The five of us had fun and were happy while practicing. We really wanted to show a lot of our charms as NU’EST. So we thought about our fans even more.”

He further remarked, “The members all came up with a lot of ideas [for the album]. We can really say that this album was made by all five of us together.”

Aron, who couldn’t participate in some performances during their concert due to his shoulder injury, revealed, “I am a lot better after consistent treatment. You don’t have to worry too much.”

He added, “I sadly couldn’t participate in the filming of the group dance for the music video, but now that I’m a lot better, please look forward to NU’EST’s upcoming performances.”

With regard to the newly released album, Minhyun commented, “The album’s meaning, ‘Lived happily ever after,’ is the ending you see a lot in fairy tales. When you listen to the album, you will feel like you are reading a fairy tale.”

He also said, “This album is very meaningful because it’s the album that was released after we made a promise to be together again. The reason NU’EST was able to slowly but firmly move forward was thanks to LOVEs, who have been by our side for a long time. We want to show you a variety of activities. I think this album is the beginning of that, so it’s even more precious and important.”

Regarding NU’EST’s comeback, Minhyun stated, “I think two years was quite a long time. We’ve been working hard in our respective places. It’s been a long time since the five of us released an album together.”

Minhyun showed his affection for the members as he revealed, “I’ve known the members for a long time now, and we met often even when we were doing our own activities. That’s why [the comeback] didn’t seem especially different. The time the members and I spent preparing for the album and concert felt more dear to me.”

On their title track “BET BET,” Baekho explained, “It’s a song that has a confident yet sexy message.”

Ren mentioned, “Isn’t the part where Minhyun sweeps his knees and dances a sexy move the best part?” Then, while Minhyun sang, JR and Ren danced the part Ren had mentioned.

Ren also revealed, “I am looking forward [to the comeback]. It’s been three years since our comeback as a full group, and many LOVEs waited a long time for the full group. So I am excited and looking forward to what lies ahead.”

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