Former N.Flying Member Kwon Kwang Jin Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations Again

Former N.Flying member Kwon Kwang Jin has released a further statement about the accusations of sexual harassment that began last year.

In December 2018, Kwon Kwang Jin was accused of dating fans, making sexually offensive comments to fans, and speaking ill of his members. FNC Entertainment released a statement in response denying the sexual harassment allegations but stated that since he had met with fans outside of scheduled activities, he would leave N.Flying.

On April 29, he uploaded a screenshot of an online comment accusing him of sexual harassment at a fan signing event and added screenshots of messages from people apologizing to him for what they had written online.

The first screenshot claims that Kwon Kwang Jin constantly flirted with the original poster, asking her out on dates, and that at one fan signing event, he held the poster’s knee between his thighs under the table.

In the caption to his post, Kwon Kwang Jin wrote:

Hello, this is Kwon Kwang Jin.

The comment [in the first screenshot] is what connected my name to ‘sexual harassment.’ This is a fabricated lie that was designed to bring a person down, and I cannot express how much damage this has done to me.

When I participated in the fan signing, my manager and the fan marketing team were all behind me, and there were 100 fans in front of me. The tables that are set up at the fan signing event were draped with curtains in order to ensure our legs didn’t touch the fans. Both the structure and circumstances of the event did not allow for the possibility that the incident described in the comment above could happen.

I did not sexually harass anyone. You say that I held your knee between my legs? It wasn’t possible for that to happen, and it didn’t happen.

I’ve never done that to a fan at a fan signing event. I have never intentionally made physical contact with fans during any fan signing event.

I am currently suing people who spread false information and rumors like this and use the hashtags ‘sexual harassment’ in connection with me.

As I file lawsuits, I have received DMs on Instagram and KakaoTalk messages from people who sincerely apologized for what they have done, as you can see in the screenshots above. Like I said before, if you sincerely apologize to me, I will respond appropriately.”

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