SEENROOT Announces Disbandment Following Contract Expiration

SEENROOT, the musical duo behind the song “Sweet Heart,” has announced their disbandment.

“Sweet Heart” (also known as “Oppaya”) was released in 2015, but became popular in 2017 when the opening verse went viral.

On May 1, Shin Hyun Hee wrote on Instagram that she and Kim Root had decided to part ways.

Hello, everyone. This is Hyun Hee. I’m writing for the first time in a while, but I have something serious to say. I have carried SEENROOT as my second name since I was twenty-one, but now that our contract has expired, we have decided to go our separate ways. I have experienced ups and downs and laughed and cried while promoting as part of SEENROOT. I’m very regretful and sorry about giving you this news out of the blue.

Thank you to all the fans who treasured SEENROOT, to the fans I love, and to everyone who helped us over the years. I will continue to make music as ‘Shin Hyun Hee,’ and though I am afraid and a little worried about whether I can do this alone, making music and singing makes me the happiest in the world. I will put my all into every performance. Please support my new start! I will not forget the time I spent as SEENROOT and thank you for making it happen.

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SEENROOT’s agency also released an official statement on their Instagram that said, “On this beautiful spring day, on the first day of May, we regret to inform you that we have serious news. SEENROOT has decided to go their separate ways after their contracts ended. Thank you to everyone who have sent them love and cheered them on, and we ask for your continued support for the two of them going forward.”

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