BTS Shares Thoughts About The 2019 Billboard Music Awards

On May 2, BTS communicated with fans through a Naver V Live broadcast and talked about their experience of attending the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (hereafter BBMAs).

The group attended the 2019 BBMAs at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 1 (local time). BTS received the Top Social Artist Award on the red carpet and was later crowned the winner of the Top Duo/Group award during the ceremony.

Jimin started off the broadcast by saying, “We went to the Billboard Music Awards today and won one of the main awards. A lot of wonderful things happened today. More people recognized us this year, and there were also a lot more fans.”

While talking about performances by other artists, Jimin said, “One thing we should thank ARMY for is that when we come to these events, we see and learn from many things.” Jin agreed, “We get to think about how we should apply the things [we learn] to our concerts.”

After Jungkook gave a toast in English, RM continued to thank ARMY. He said, “It’s thanks to everyone who is watching [the broadcast] right now that we are able to do the things that we do right now.” Afterwards, the members each took turns sharing their thoughts on their latest achievements.

Jimin said, “It’s an honor and an opportunity to learn just to be able to attend the BBMAs, but thank you for also allowing us to have this great honor [of receiving awards]. Seriously, thank you so much.”

Suga stated, “I did not think we would be able to receive the Top Duo/Group award. When I looked at the candidates for the category, I did not think this would happen. I truly believe this happened because of ARMY.”

Jin began to share his thoughts by first shouting “ARMY.” He continued, “As Jimin already said, we received the Top Social Artist Award for three years in a row. It’s an award that we can only receive due to ARMY’s hard work. When we first made our debut, we did not imagine it would be possible for us to receive an award from one of the main categories of the BBMAs. We will pay you back by working even harder and showing improvement.”

J-Hope commented, “So many things that make me proud are happening right now. I do not take this for granted. I believe this was only possible due to ARMY’s efforts. I want to continue to try my best to bring you the best performances and music in the future. I love you, and I hope you look forward to the upcoming world tour.”

V said, “It was an honor to attend the BBMAs for the third time and to be able to perform. I wanted to thank ARMY for giving us these awards. My dream was to become a trainee, but I’m glad that I think I’ve become a bigger person than that. I became a proud son to my parents and someone who acquaintances are proud of. ARMY made me the person I am today. There are many things I want to pay back ARMY for, and I will do so with the upcoming tour. I love you and thank you.”

Jungkook shared, “I was thankful, glad, and happy, but I also felt pressure and responsibility. If I consider myself a cup, water is already filled to the brim. It feels like the water is about to overflow, so I would like to increase the size of the cup. We will continue to put in effort to grow and improve in accordance to the position we hold right now. We want to make you proud for as long as possible.”

RM concluded, “It was stressful during the first time [on BBMAs], and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t stressful the third time. However, I’m not tired. The members did interviews and performed very well, so it was easier for me this time. Everyone did very well.”

BTS concluded the broadcast by shouting, “The Billboard Music Award goes to ARMY!”

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