Jung Il Woo Shares Affection For Fans And His Close Friend Lee Min Ho

Jung Il Woo shared how much he cares about his fans and his best friend Lee Min Ho!

Following his military service, Jung Il Woo successfully returned to his acting career with SBS’s “Haechi.” Many fans all over the world patiently waited for him during the two years of his service, and he reciprocated the affection he received from his fans by holding fan meetings.

On May 2, Jung Il Woo took part in an interview with Herald POP and said,
“I’m having my fan meeting in Japan first. I was worried because it was a venue with many seats, and I was very thankful when I heard that all of the seats had sold out. I’m thankful for [my fans’] unchanging and long-lasting love for me. My fans are the driving force behind my activities, and they were a great source of energy when I was serving as a public service worker, so I’m very thankful.”

He shyly continued, “When I debuted, my fans told me I had a pretty smile, but now, I want to ask them why they like me when I’m in my 30s. They say they find comfort and solace in my acting, and I think that’s why [they like me].”

He moved on to talk about his friendship with Lee Min Ho. The two actors first became friends when they attended neighboring high schools, and they remained friends for over 10 years. Asked about Lee Min Ho’s recent military discharge, Jung Il Woo responded, “When he was discharged, I contacted and congratulated him. He worked hard, and whether it’s serving as a public service worker or as an active duty soldier, I think it’s amazing that he worked hard.”

He added, “Min Ho is probably selecting his next project now, and I want to tell him to build his stamina. To me, he’s a friend like no other, so I hope he makes his return successfully. He also watches and monitors my projects. This time, he told me, ‘What did you do to make your acting even better?’ As a friend, I want him to return with a nice project since many fans are waiting for him.”

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