Watch: Jang Ki Yong, Im Soo Jung, And More Answer Rapid-Fire Questions In Teasers For Upcoming tvN Drama “Search: WWW”

In the latest batch of teasers for tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Search: WWW,” a comedy about women who work at search engine companies and their romances with men, Jang Ki Yong, Im Soo Jung, Lee Da Hee, and Jun Hye Jin answer questions about their lives and jobs in four very different ways.

The first teaser poses the question “What do you hate?”

Lee Da Hee points off camera and says, “[Her]/[Him].”
Im Soo Jung: “Losing to No. 1.”
Jun Hye Jin sighs in defeat and says, “Strategic marriages.”
Jang Ki Yong, the picture of innocence, says, “She read the text, but why isn’t she responding?”

In the second teaser, the characters are asked, “What is your company to you?”

Im Soo Jung, with a brief smile, says, “Where I lay down my youth.”
Lee Da Hee: “Where I spend time with a boss I hate.”
Jun Hye Jin deadpans, “Overbearing in-laws.”

The third teaser asks, “What is success to you?”

Im Soo Jung: “Being No. 1 in my industry.”
Lee Da Hee: “My boss quitting.”
Jun Hye Jin, deadpan again: “Disappearing.”
Jang Ki Yong, with the brightest smile: “Making a happy family.”

In the fourth teaser, which asks, “How do you relieve stress?” Lee Da Hee punches the head off a teddy bear while yelling at her boss, Jun Hye Jin gets ready to puff her troubles away, and Im Soo Jung loses herself in an arcade game.

Meanwhile, Jang Ki Yong, who is looking at something cute on his tablet, turns it around to reveal a photo of Im Soo Jung. He says, “Isn’t she cute?”

“Search: WWW,” a collaboration between “Mr. Sunshine” co-director Jung Ji Hyun and writer Kwon Do Eun, who gained experience working under writer Kim Eun Sook, airs on June 5, taking over the “Her Private Life” time slot.

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