Cosmetics Company JMsolution Denies Reports Tying Brand And Celebrity Models To Burning Sun Reports

JMsolution has released an official statement regarding the allegations made during a recent episode of SBS’s “Unanswered Questions.”

In the broadcast, it was alleged that a cosmetics company had sponsored Burning Sun and during a gathering between the two parties, an actress had used a light stick and hit people’s faces with it. Allegations were made that the actresses had exhibited symptoms like drooling and bloodshot eyes, suggesting that she had ingested drugs.

After the episode, JMsolution was singled out on social media, and soon actresses Jung Eun Chae and Han Hyo Joo were placed under scrutiny as they are models for the brand. Jung Eun Chae’s agency and Han Hyo Joo’s agency have both denied any relation to Burning Sun and the incident, and they have announced they will be taking legal action against malicious comments and false rumors.

JMsolution has now released a statement, which reads as follows:

We would like to address the recent controversy involving Burning Sun.

On November 23, 2018, JMsolution held an event with our employees at Burning Sun. Celebrities who are models for our brand did not attend that event, and we were not aware of the issue that occurred at the time. We find it very unfortunate to have cause worry and concern to everyone by having our company and our brand models’ names associated with the controversy simply because we were in the same location.

From last October, JMsolution began marketing in Korea, and most cosmetics brands use various advertising channels to launch brands and hold events. The event that was held at the location [Burning Sun] was simply an event for the brand, and had nothing to do with the ongoing controversies.

Despite never being contacted by or speaking with any media outlet regarding this, reports have been linking our brand and our brand models to the controversy, and we find it unfortunate that we are suffering from damages due to this reporting.

JMsolution plans to take a strong stance against those who spread false information and contribute to defaming our brand.

Thank you.

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