NU’EST Members Talk About Branching Out Into Variety, YouTube Content Creation, And More

On May 7, NU’EST appeared on Kim Shin Young’s radio show as guests.

The group, who recently made their first five-member comeback in almost three years, talked about their long-awaited reunion. They had previously stated that Minhyun fit easily back into the group because they had frequently met even while he was promoting with Wanna One.

JR said, “The time we felt the change was during dance practice. I thought at the time that there really had to be five of us to feel complete. Seeing five members in the mirror practicing choreography was really cool.”

On another radio show, the group talked about their recent interests. On Kim Shin Young’s radio show, she said that she wanted to see more of Ren on variety shows. “Ren is catching up to Kwanghee,” she said. “I think you can catch up to him any day now. When I first saw IU on a variety show, I told her to hang on just a little longer. Now she is on a whole new level. I think Ren will be like that as well.”

Aron shared that he had recently been looking at cooking and fishing videos on YouTube, but hadn’t been able to catch a fish himself. Minhyun shared that he wanted to become a radio DJ and JR said that if he set up a YouTube channel, he would want to do gaming videos.

JR said, “I really love games. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I think it would be good to communicate directly with fans through my gameplay. So I’m thinking about launching a channel after I make some detailed preparations.”

Kim Shin Young advised him, “It’s good not to prepare too thoroughly. YouTube content creation is something that you create in sync with the viewers’ comments.”

In the “speed quiz” segment, JR picked the concept that suited NU’EST best as the “sexy concept.” He said, “Our current concept is sexy.” Minhyun was asked when he felt the most handsome and he said, “Right now. I checked the monitor to see myself just now and it’s not bad. It’s good.”

Ren picked himself as the member with the lowest stamina. “I have really bad stamina,” he said. “I am trying to overcome it by taking vitamins.” Aron commented, “Once we were heading backstage after a performance and Ren said, ‘I think I’m going to throw up.’ I asked if he was okay and he said he wasn’t. He rested for 30 minutes.”

NU’EST made a comeback with “BET BET” on April 9.

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