Girl’s Day’s Minah Experiences Unfair Humiliation In Stills For “Absolute Boyfriend”

Absolute Boyfriend” has released intriguing stills of Girl’s Day’s Minah!

The drama follows the romance between a woman with a cold heart and a humanoid robot that is programmed to love.

Minah plays the role of Uhm Da Da, who leads a team of special effects makeup artists in place of her deceased father. She is a tough and righteous heroine who protects her team members and is not afraid to speak her mind.

In the images, Minah is shown being grabbed by the collar by a man and facing humiliation in front of dozens of staff members. The man yells at her and accuses her of acting up, but she fights her tears and holds them back despite the unfair situation.

On this day of filming, Minah entered the set with a smile and cheered on the staff and fellow actors. When shooting the intense scene shown in the photos, she prepared by consulting with her costar on how to achieve the action most comfortably. As soon as it was her cue, Minah switched from her cheerful disposition to the wronged expression of Uhm Da Da to make for an immersive scene.

The drama’s producers stated, “Minah has perfected her portrayal of the cool and diligent female lead Uhm Da Da through her passionate acting. Please look forward to the story and romance that will unfold for this charming and complex character.”

Absolute Boyfriend” airs on May 15 and will be available on Viki!

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