Yun Seo Bin Posts Handwritten Letter Of Apology

Yun Seo Bin has posted a handwritten letter of apology through Instagram.

Yun Seo Bin, a now-former contestant of “Produce X 101,” had been the subject of an online post made earlier this week alleging he had a violent past as a school bully. Other posts also surfaced at the time, denying the bullying claims. JYP Entertainment and Mnet stated that they would look into the matter, and two days later, JYP announced their termination of Yun Seo Bin’s trainee contract as well as his departure from Mnet’s “Produce X 101.”

Here’s the full letter from Yun Seo Bin:

I don’t know where to start.

First, I’m writing this to apologize to everyone who supported me and everyone who has been affected by my actions.

When I was in school, I was very immature and didn’t know much about the world. All the things I shouldn’t have done as a minor, like drinking, smoking, and other things I’m not proud of…. And my dreams…

I was so scared every day. I felt that I was running toward the edge of a cliff, and I was always plagued with fear and worry.

But I’ve never tried to hide my past or deceive others because of fear, and I never hid it from the agency I was a part of either.

As a result of these recent events, I’ve looked back and tried to recall memories of my actions from the past, and I’ve thought a lot about if there’s anyone else who I brought discomfort to.

Even if nothing exists in records or my memories, just the fact that this controversy happened means that someone had a difficult time because of me. If there is anyone for whom that is the case, I sincerely apologize.

Rather than wanting forgiveness, I’m just so sorry to everyone who had a difficult time because of me, to my agency, to the producers of the program, and to everyone that I had trained with. I’m sorry.

Yun Seo Bin also spoke in an interview with Ilgan Sports explaining that his changing names and quitting school was not an attempt to hide his past.

Meanwhile, in light of these recent developments, Mnet has requested that agencies conduct additional screening of trainees.

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