Han Hyo Joo Sues 33 People For Circulating False Rumors Related To Burning Sun

Han Hyo Joo has taken strong legal action against false rumors.

Previously, the actress’s agency denied that she attended an event at Burning Sun for JMsolution, which she is a model for. JMsolution also spoke up to deny reports regarding the company’s models in relation to the club.

On May 10, Han Hyo Joo’s legal representative Kim Moon Hee of the law firm Jipyong released an official statement announcing that legal action has been taken.

The statement reads as follows:

This is an official statement regarding the circulation of false information and malicious comments regarding actress Han Hyo Joo.

First of all, Han Hyo Joo is simply a model for JMsolution. She has not entered the club Burning Sun a single time, and she did not attend the event on November 23, 2018.

However, there continues to be a spread of defamatory and insulting acts of maliciously posting false information via online platforms including portal websites, communities, and social media.

Our law firm made the judgment that the malicious comments and circulation of false rumors have severely defamed actress Han Hyo Joo. We identified 33 individuals (based on ID) and filed criminal complaints to the Seoul Yongsan Police Station for charges on the breach (defamation) of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

We will continue to take strong action on intentionally posting false information or other malicious acts without any leniency or settlement.

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