TS Entertainment Files Lawsuit Against Jun Hyosung Claiming 1 Billion Won In Damages

TS Entertainment has filed a counterclaim against Jun Hyosung.

Previously, Jun Hyosung had filed a civil lawsuit against TS Entertainment in September 2017, but the agency denied all claims of issues regarding payment. In October 2018, Jun Hyosung signed with Tommy & Partners Entertainment, and in November of the same year, the court ruled in favor of Jun Hyosung. However, TS Entertainment revealed plans to appeal following the court ruling, and they filed a lawsuit on May 7 requesting 1 billion won (approximately $848,800) for damages.

The Seoul High Court’s 7th Civil Affairs Department postponed the second trial on the dispute regarding the exclusive contract between Jun Hyosung and TS Entertainment from May 10 to May 31. On May 10, TS Entertainment claimed, “Our opinion is exactly as it is written in the appeal. We confirm that Jun Hyosung’s exclusive contract is no longer valid, and we accept Jun Hyosung’s request, but we will ask her to take responsibility for the violations during the contract term.”

On the reason for calculating 1 billion won (approximately $848,800) for damage claims, TS said, “Since Jun Hyosung turned down commercials, the company lost at least 1.4 billion won (approximately $1.2 million) in ad revenue from May to August of 2017, and along with turning down events, drama, casting, and more, this is a part of the massive damage suffered through the slowdown strike.” Furthermore, the company claimed that Jun Hyosung embezzled profits from conducting ads on social media without consulting the company nor discussing distribution of profits. They claimed that Jun Hyosung received a large amount in advance for her exclusive contract in order to purchase an apartment, and after only a few months, she requested a termination of contract from the past CEO of TS Entertainment. TS Entertainment claimed that this was deliberate slowdown of work because as soon as they asked her to complete the settlement, she responded sensitively to all work related to TS, including the consultation about modeling for the ad.

After signing with Tommy & Partners Entertainment, Jun Hyosung has currently resumed her activities.

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