18 Perfect K-Pop Songs For Summer Road Trips

The weather is turning bright, and we can’t wait to get to our summer vacation! Planning a road trip with besties is a point on the bucket list for many of us. And what’s more important than creating the perfect playlist for this (fictive) trip with BFFs? If you’re thinking of putting your summer road trip playlist together — maybe to procrastinate studying for your very last exams or to stop you from dying of boredom at your workplace — we’re here to help you with some recommendations! These K-pop songs are just the right choice to sing out loud in the car or put on as a background music while you stop to eat and stretch your legs.

Let’s go on this trip with our favorite K-pop songs!

JJ Project – “Tomorrow, Today”

There is no field trip playlist without this song, it just fits the mood perfectly! The smooth vocals of Jinyoung and JB will make you smile in an instant.

EXO – “Tender Love”

We can already feel the wind in our hair just by listening to this masterpiece by EXO! We definitely need to get that “Tender Love” from EXO members.

GFRIEND – “Navillera”

You can’t really go wrong with GFRIEND when it comes to cheerful yet calming summer songs that are excellent to listen to in the car. You can also sing along to “Navillera”!

Golden Child – “Let Me”

If you want to feel like a teen again, this song is made for you! “Let Me” really has everything a feel-good teen pop song needs, and it’s just impossible not to smile while listening to it.

VERIVERY – “Ring Ring Ring”

There’s never enough of the freshness these young boys bring! “Ring Ring Ring” brings a huge amount of fun to every car ride.

Red Velvet – “Power Up”

Another great summer anthem! Just imagine singing along to the “ba-banana” part with your besties!

SEVENTEEN – “Healing”

Road trips are the best healing holidays ever! You’ll just get relaxed in no time, and this lovely bop by SEVENTEEN will help you stay chill the whole time.

LOONA – “Hi High”

With the catchy chorus of “Hi High,” it’s impossible not to sing along. By the end of the trip, even the driver is going to stan LOONA.

PENTAGON – “Naughty Boy”

The ones who actually know how to whistle have some advantage, but everyone is going to enjoy this adorable song by PENTAGON!

NCT 127 – “Paradise”

Everything about this song screams summer and road trips! Windows down, let’s get on the road!

BTS – “Make It Right”

BTS and Ed Sheeran brought us the ultimate chill and relax song this year, so if you need some calmness during the drive, just turn on this one!

TWICE – “Hot”

TWICE’s latest album is full of amazing bops, and “Hot” is among the best of them! The lyrics will bring out your confident side!

ATEEZ – “Promise”

Make room for these monster rookies on your playlist! Their music is definitely worth a listen.

B1A4 – “Solo Day”

A classic, but we couldn’t imagine a car ride without this uplifting song. Watch out for aliens while listening!

KARD – “Ride On The Wind”

Another feel-good song that could fit your road trip collection perfectly. Just relax and enjoy the ride!

iKON – “Cocktail”

These seven boys just know how to grasp the mood of driving with your friends and having a jolly good time! “Cocktail” is a true bop.

DAY6 – “Days Gone By”

DAY6 has a song for every occasion! If you are ready for traveling back in time, “Days Gone By” is the right choice for you!

EXID – “Lady”

Grab your favorite ladies and get on the road with EXID’s powerful comeback single. It will make the drive even more fun!

Soompiers! What are your favorite road trip songs? Tell us in the comments below!

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