ASTRO’s Sanha, BTOB’s Ilhoon, The Boyz’s Younghoon, And PENTAGON’s Yan An Talk About Piercings, Fan Love, And Concerts

On May 11, The Boyz’s Younghoon, PENTAGON’s Yan An, and ASTRO’s Sanha appeared as guests on MBC FM’s “Idol Radio,” which BTOB’s Ilhoon DJs.

The radio program has a weekly Friday segment where the DJ and guests (dubbed the “wild rose boys”) give advice to listeners. One listener said that they wanted to get a piercing but was worried that it might hurt.

Sanha, who was the only guest in the booth without a piercing, said, “Like the person who sent in this story, I didn’t get my ears pierced because I was scared of the pain. I use clip-on earrings when necessary for styling.”

Yan An made everyone laugh by revealing, “When I first came to Korea, I thought that people who wore earrings were bad people. In the end, I challenged myself to get earrings because I wanted to get away from my young appearance. I went with PENTAGON member Shinwon at his suggestion, but he ended up not piercing his ears.”

“I heard that you look 1.5 times better when you wear earrings,” said Younghoon. “Since your opinion is what matters the most, you should pierce it if you want to.”

The idols then shared an update on what their groups have been up to.

Younghoon, who’s currently promoting The Boyz’s latest title track “Bloom Bloom,” said, “It’s an album that’s been released after five months of hiatus. It’s a bright track so I was so happy while smiling and dancing.”

Sanha recently joined his ASTRO members for a K-pop concert in Germany. “It was my first time going to Europe, and it was cool how things I had only seen in pictures were in front of me,” said Sanha. “It was the most memorable how the fans sang along with the fan chant during our performance.”

About PENTAGON’s solo concert in April, Yan An commented, “It was an honor to hold a concert in front of fans and I felt once again about how time spent with fans is precious.” He then called fellow PENTAGON member Jinho, who had recommended him for the radio show. Jinho said, “Yan An is someone who’s very dear to me. He’s someone I want to always help and do more things for.”

During the radio show’s medley dance segment, Younghoon danced to The Boyz’s “Bloom Bloom,” Sanha to ASTRO’s “Dream Night,” Yan An to PENTAGON’s “SHA LA LA,” and Ilhoon to BTOB’s “Movie.”

“Idol Radio” airs every day at 1 p.m. KST and on Naver’s V Live at 9 p.m. KST on weekdays.

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