Choi Siwon Receives Sweet Support From Im Siwan And Super Junior On Drama Set

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon is receiving lots of support from those around him while filming “My Fellow Citizens”!

On May 12, Choi Siwon uploaded two photos of snack trucks on his Instagram.

One snack truck was a gift from his fellow Super Junior members, who wrote on the banner, “Siwon! You’re working so hard when the weather’s hot. Have a ‘refreshing’ drink and make the viewership ratings ‘refreshingly’ hit the jackpot~! [From] everyone in Super Junior.” This is a pun on Choi Siwon’s name, as “siwon” means refreshing or cool in Korean.

In Korean, Choi Siwon captioned the post, “Thank you, members, for not forgetting me and looking after me even though you’re busy,” and in English he wrote, “I know you are all busy. But thanks for your support. Everyone loved it.”

Im Siwan also sent a truck to Siwon on his drama set. On the upper banner, he wrote, “Everyone in the cast and staff of ‘My Fellow Citizens’! Please ‘refreshingly’ enjoy the coffee and churros sent by Siwan!” also making a pun out of Choi Siwon’s name.

On the bottom banner, Im Siwan wrote, “A remedy for Monday sickness, ‘My Fellow Citizens,’ please work hard until the end! From Im Siwan.”

Choi Siwon’s caption reads, “To my beloved younger brother Siwan. You really treated us ‘refreshingly.’ Thank you. Prepare well for your filming, and let’s be happy. Thank you and love you my brother.” Instead of saying “siwon” for the word “refreshing,” Choi Siwon wittingly wrote “siwan” to mirror Im Siwan’s punny message.

Choi Siwon is currently starring in “My Fellow Citizens” as Yang Jung Gook, a conman-turned-assemblyman.

Meanwhile, Im Siwan was recently discharged from the army and will soon return with an OCN drama adaptation of a webtoon titled “Strangers From Hell.”

Watch the latest episode of “My Fellow Citizens” with English subtitles below!

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