Watch: EXID Captivates “Stage K” Audience In Touching Performance With Winning Team

EXID touched their fans and the audience with a beautiful performance on JTBC’s “Stage K”!

On the May 12 broadcast of the K-pop dance cover competition show, EXID watched cover performances of their songs and staged a meaningful collaboration performance with the winning team.

To start off the show, EXID performed a special remix of “I Love You.”

After the preliminary rounds, teams from Russia, France, Mexico, and Vietnam got a chance to perform in front of EXID. The first team to perform was Team Russia, who showcased a sexy performance of EXID’s “I Love You.”

Hani commented that she had truly enjoyed their performance, sharing, “Since it was the first performance, we were nervous too, but once the performance began, the four of you shined so brightly that even I got excited.”

Following the performance by Team Russia, Team France performed a fierce rendition of “Hot Pink.”

EXID complimented Team France, saying, “Your confident expressions and swag were no joke.” Sandara Park added, “This week, ‘Stage K’ is captivating the audience with sexiness and confidence.” Yubin also remarked, “They gave off the vibe of a rookie girl group. I was so mesmerized that I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.”

Team Mexico went next with their powerful performance of “DDD.”

LE commented, “I was amazed.” Jeonghwa added, “I feel like I’m learning. It made me realize that I should have played up certain parts [of the song] that I didn’t.”

Finally, the sole member of Team Vietnam performed an unforgettable rendition of “Ah Yeah.”

Solji commented, “She must have been so nervous. However, I felt her strength and determination from the moment she appeared on stage alone. She’s performing like this at age 14; I’m looking forward to [her skills] 10 years from now.”

Team France won No. 1 in the first round of performances, followed by Team Russia, and the two teams moved on to the next round of the competition.

In the final round, the two teams competed with covers of EXID’s “Up & Down.” When it was time to cast their votes, Hani commented, “This is on par with asking whether you like your mom or your dad better. It’s so difficult.”

After a close competition, Team Russia emerged victorious in first place. The members of Team Russia teared up, saying, “It feels surreal.” They later added, “We’re really happy that our dream came true.”

Finally, Solji said that receiving so much love from the performing teams had strengthened her desire to greet their fans and the audience with even more good music. EXID and Russia then concluded the show with a special performance of “Every Night.”

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