The agencies of Han Suk Kyu, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Seo Hyun Jin have responded to reports about the second season of “Romantic Doctor Kim.”

In February 2018, there were reports that “Romantic Doctor Kim” was returning for a second season, and SBS clarified that it was only in discussion and nothing was confirmed yet.

On May 13, various reports were released regarding the return of the main actors from the first season, with one report stating that Han Suk Kyu is confirmed for the second season.

In response, Han Suk Kyu’s agency Clover Company clarified, “It is true that we have had discussions about SBS’s ‘Romantic Doctor Kim 2’, but he has not received an official casting offer.”

SBS also explained, “Han Suk Kyu’s appearance has been in discussion for a long time, and he is currently waiting [to see] the script.”

On the same day, Yoo Yeon Seok’s label King Kong by Starship stated, “He never received an official offer for ‘Romantic Doctor Kim 2.’ We only discussed the possibility of his appearance. Due to different scheduled activities, he eventually decided to not be in it.” When asked about his next production, his label answered that he is currently looking.

Seo Hyun Jin’s agency Management SOOP shared, “She has not received an offer for ‘Romantic Doctor Kim 2’. However, she is currently discussing her appearance in ‘Black Dog’ [working title] as her next production.” The two dramas may be airing at a similar time, making it difficult for the actress to star in the second season if offered.

The medical drama aired from 2016 to early 2017 and earned high ratings up to 27.6 percent. The second season is currently being prepared, and SBS has revealed that the timing of the premiere has not been decided yet.

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