Highlight’s Agency Asks Fans To Stop Following Yang Yoseob During His Police Duties

Around Us Entertainment has released a statement regarding Highlight’s Yang Yoseob.

On March 13, the agency posted a notice addressed fans on its website, asking that they don’t visit or follow Yang Yoseob as he’s carrying out his duties.

The full statement is below:

Hello, it’s Around Us Entertainment.

We’re posting a notice about Yang Yoseob, who enlisted on January 24 and is currently serving in the military.

Yang Yoseob is in the middle of earnestly carrying out his military service with your warm support, but we would like to say a few words about embarrassing situations that have occurred due to fans’ excessive interest while he’s working as a conscripted police officer.

It’s not a problem if you’re walking, happen to spot Yang Yoseob while he’s working, and post photos on social media. But we heard there have been instances where people see the eyewitness accounts, share information on where he’s currently working, and visit or follow him around at his place of work. After repeated occurrences of these types of situations, it has not only been difficult for Yang Yoseob to faithfully carry out his duties, but there have also been instances where he felt apologetic to his colleagues.

We’re grateful for your generous support and love, which gives him strength, and we can understand fans’ desire to personally see Yang Yoseob, but it’s necessary to follow the rules in the reality of a specific environment and unfamiliar situation.

We ask that everyone refrain from excessive interest so that Yang Yoseob can smoothly complete his duties.

Thank you.

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