Update: Oh My Girl Takes 3rd Win For “SSFWL” On “M Countdown” After Mnet Fixes Chart Error

Updated May 17 KST: 

A few minutes before midnight on May 17 KST, Mnet issued an apology for miscalculating the scores on the May 16 episode of “M Countdown.”

Their statement reads:

Hello, this is the production staff of “M Countdown.” Due to a mistake in our chart aggregation, the rankings revealed on the live show on May 16 were incorrect.

We have confirmed that the mistake was made while calculating the social media score. After reviewing the results, we have revised the rankings for the third week of May. The winner of the May 16 (Episode 619) episode was Oh My Girl.

We apologize to the viewers and fans who voted on “M Countdown” and send our deepest regrets to NU’EST and Oh My Girl, who were both affected by this error. We will be more careful in future with our chart aggregation so that this does not happen again.

On the May 16 episode, “M Countdown” had announced that NU’EST had beat Oh My Girl with a score of 7668 to 7617. Mnet’s revised results show that Oh My Girl had actually received 8117 points (NU’EST’s score remained the same).

Original Article: 

NU’EST has taken their fourth win with “BET BET!”

On the May 16 episode of Mnet’s “M Countdown,” the nominees for first place were NU’EST’s “BET BET” and Oh My Girl’s “SSFWL.” NU’EST won with a score of 7668 to Oh My Girl’s 7617.

Watch NU’EST’s performance and win below!

This week’s episode also included comeback stages for Weki Meki, Ladies’ Code, and EXID, as well as performances from Soyou and OVAN, N.Flying, Nam Woohyun, The Boyz, Oh My Girl, Yoo Seung Woo, NC.A, Kim Dong Han, TARGET, VERIVERY, A Train to Autumn, Lim Jimin, BVNDIT, DONGKIZ, and WALWARI.

Check out some of the performances below!

Oh My Girl – “SSFWL”

EXID – “Me&You”

Weki Meki – “Whatever U Want”

Weki Meki – “Picky Picky”

Ladies’ Code – “Feedback”

Soyou & OVAN – “Rain Drop”

Nam Woohyun – “Hold On Me”

N.Flying – “Leave It”

The Boyz – “Bloom Bloom”

NC.A – “Awesome Breeze”

Kim Dong Han – “Focus”

VERIVERY – “From Now”

BVNDIT – “Dramatic”

TARGET – “Beautiful”

Yoo Seung Woo – “Still Here”

A Train to Autumn – “Spring Rain”

Lim Jimin – “Loveholic”


Congratulations to NU’EST!

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