Watch: BoA Makes Dreams Come True By Performing With Winning Team On “Stage K”

BoA joined a talented group of fans for an unforgettable performance on JTBC’s “Stage K”!

On the May 19 episode of the K-pop dance competition show, BoA watched challengers from Asia, North America, South America, and Europe cover her songs.

The show opened with a special “kids’ stage,” which featured four children dancing to BoA’s debut track “ID; Peace B.”

The first team to perform in the competition was Team China, who covered BoA’s “Woman.”

After seeing their performance, BoA commented, “First, they’re really good at dancing. Instead of a cover dance, it felt like I was watching performance art, and I was really impressed. Seeing the upside-down choreography in the [song’s] intro and the creative dance moves in the middle, I could feel that you put a lot of effort into creating this one performance.”

The Team China members shed tears upon hearing BoA’s praise.

Team United States, consisting of one member named Aaliyah, covered BoA’s “My Name.” The contestant used the choreography from BoA’s Hollywood debut film “Make Your Move” at the beginning of the performance, and BoA responded, “Just from the fact that she used that song, I knew that this person really likes me and knows a lot about me. During ‘Make Your Move,’ I was mesmerized by Aaliyah. I think that it was a performance filled with love.”

Team Brazil then filled the stage with their chemistry during their performance of BoA’s “Only One.” BoA made everyone laugh by saying, “I feel like something would have happened between these two while preparing this choreography.”

Team Spain’s lone member Ivan took on BoA’s U.S. debut song “Eat You Up,” but unfortunately made a mistake on stage during his performance.

“It’s difficult to stand on stage by yourself,” said BoA. “I want to applaud you for your courage, but it’s unfortunate that you were unable to fully show your energy because you were so nervous.”

After the performance, Ivan teared up while speaking to his mom over the phone.

For the final round, Team China and Team Brazil faced off with performances of “Atlantis Princess.”

Team China received 92 votes from the audience, while Team Brazil received 85 votes. Meanwhile, the Global Supporters and K-Leaders were tied after giving two votes to each team. Finally, choreographer Shim Jae Won used his 20 votes towards Team China, and BoA also gave her 50 votes to the team. As a result, Team China became the winning team with 222 votes to Team Brazil’s 145.

Congratulating the team, BoA said, “Since you’re so talented, I hope that you’ll sometimes promote together as a team, even if it’s just as a hobby.”

BoA then took to the stage with Team China for a special performance of her hit track “No. 1.”

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