LIPBUBBLE Announces Disbandment After 2 Years

Girl group LIPBUBBLE has disbanded.

On May 20, the group’s agency shared the following statement through their official fan cafe:

Hello. This is Zenith Media Contents. We sincerely thank the LIPBUBBLE fans, Cooing, who have shown interest and generous love to LIPBUBBLE until now.

We, Zenith Media Contents, promised to be together with the LIPBUBBLE members for a long time.

However, because the thoughts and time of each of the members are valuable, we gathered the opinions of the members and decided on disbandment, although it seems sudden.

During the process of LIPBUBBLE releasing two albums, the members’ teamwork and trust in each other have strengthened. As their agency, we feel sorry about not being able to be together with them.

However, as their valuable time and futures are on the line, we decided to respect each of their opinions, and we, Zenith Media Contents, will cheer on and support the members’ individual activities along with LIPBUBBLE’s future.

Furthermore, we express our apologies to the fans who have given love until now, and we ask for continuous interest and love towards the LIPBUBBLE members’ activities.

Thank you.

LIPBUBBLE debuted in March 2017 with the digital single “POPCORN” and then released their second single “Yellow Pink” in September 2018.

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