12 K-Pop Music Videos That Show The Power Of Female Friendship

There are plenty of K-pop songs and music videos out there about love and relationships, but there are few that are about one of the best kinds of relationships: female friendship! So we’ve pulled together some of our favorite MVs that show the importance of gal pals. From helping us through tough times to making us laugh, smile, and dance for no reason, girl friends are there through thick and thin.

Watch your favorite K-pop ladies pay sweet tribute to these powerful friendships by showing off their own heartwarming bonds in these 12 music videos!

1. “Selfish” – MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul feat. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

When Seulgi and Moonbyul teamed up for this collab, we knew it would be a treat. And we not only love the the song’s message about the importance of self-love and personal freedom, we also can’t get enough of watching the pair kick it together in this MV. Because indulging in a little self-care is always better when you’re with a friend who cares about you!

2. “Stay” – BLACKPINK

“Stay” is a breakup song by all accounts, and the members of BLACKPINK spend much of the MV in wistful reflection, missing someone who has left them. But the music video is also a reminder that there’s no better way to deal with that sadness than by enjoying the companionship of some girl friends, and the video’s power comes from the ladies joining together at the end, breaking out in big smiles while dancing and laughing with each other.

3. “Every Night” – EXID

The ladies of EXID take a different route with their breakup in the MV for what might just be the group’s most underrated single, “Every Night.” To put a playboy in his place, the members plot together for some sweet — or should we say spicy — revenge. Check out the hilariously surprising twist in this MV!

4. “Heart to Heart” – 4Minute

4Minute’s “Heart to Heart” shows a similar concept, with the ladies banding together behind HyunA for some small acts of payback on the player who dumped her. From his lunch to his toothpaste to his car, nothing is safe from this girl gang!

5. “Wind Flower” — MAMAMOO

The MAMAMOO members display a powerful range of emotions in the video for “Wind Flower,” and their loneliness is tangible in the first half of the MV before they make their way to each other to laugh, drink, and goof around together. It’s an aesthetic and touching reminder that tough times are better when you lean on your friends!

6. “Go Away” – 2NE1

Things don’t go so well for CL in the “Go Away” MV, and between her horrible ex and her disappointing car races, the girl can’t seem to catch a break. Luckily, the other three members are there throughout the music video’s story to support and comfort their leader — especially after the MV’s shocking ending.

7. “Downpour” – I.O.I

There’s no denying that “Downpour” is a sad tune, given that it meant we had to say goodbye to much-loved “Produce 101” group I.O.I. But the video that accompanies the song is a reminder of all that the members went through to get to where they were — and most importantly, the friendships they formed along the way. In addition to montages of the girls training and performing, the MV features sweet scenes of them being goofy, celebrating together, and comforting each other, reminding us that downtime with girl friends is just what we need in times of stress!

8. “We” – PRISTIN

Speaking of “Produce 101,” a number of contestants can be spotted in the MV for PRISTIN’s pre-debut release “We,” under the group’s former name Pledis Girlz. The song, in which the girls affirm their belief in each other and that they are stronger together, is perfectly accompanied by a video that follows the members as they enjoy each other’s company and show off their friendship.

9. “Time For The Moon Night” – GFRIEND

“Time For The Moon Night” is heartwarming through and through, showing the GFRIEND members just enjoying each other’s company: putting makeup on each other, napping together, playing around outside, and cheering each other up. It’s a sweet reminder that the best kind of girl friends are the ones you can simply be with while doing nothing!

10. “The Best Thing I Ever Did” – TWICE

The girls of TWICE are all smiles in their wintery song “The Best Thing I Ever Did,” reflecting on old memories, eating, and playing in the snow together. It just goes to show that there’s no better way to spend the holidays than with friends!

11. “Tonight” – SPICA

Vocal powerhouse group SPICA released “Tonight” back in 2013, and the MV’s boho aesthetic doesn’t get old. The women let loose and party together in the colorful video, affirming that they feel like they can be themselves the most when they are in each other’s company.

12. “Lonely” – SISTAR

“Lonely” is a sad listen, as SISTAR’s final release before their disbandment. But while the song is sorrowful, the MV is a touching tribute to the members’ special bond, showing candid moments of the women being playful, embracing each other, and exploring the world together. It serves as a reminder that just because the group has disbanded doesn’t mean the friendship is over!

Hey Soompiers, which of these music videos is your favorite? Are you loving these special female friendships? Let us know in the comments!

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