3 Reasons Why Viewers Are Already Excited For “Search: WWW”

tvN is amping up excitement for the premiere of its upcoming series “Search: WWW” with the latest preview!

“Search: WWW” is about three career women who work at Korea’s top search engine companies and their real romance with men. The cast includes Im Soo Jung (playing Bae Ta Mi), Jang Ki Yong (playing Park Mo Gun), Lee Da Hee (playing Cha Hyun), and Jun Hye Jin (playing Song Ka Kyung).

Here are three reasons to tune in to “Search: WWW” this summer.

1. A fresh topic about career women at search engine companies

Bae Ta Mi (Im Soo Jung) opens the preview by saying, “We at Unicon manipulate real-time searches,” piquing viewers’ curiosity about the story behind the unpredictable portal site. It’s a topic that has not yet been addressed in dramas, and viewers are looking forward to how it will play out on screen.

2. Unique, fierce characters

Bae Ta Mi may pull out her hair due to a hangover from the previous night, but she looks perfect and confident when going to work. Park Mo Gun (Jang Ki Yong) smiles as he proudly shows off the kiss mark on his shirt, and Cha Hyun (Lee Da Hee) walks angrily down the halls of a hospital and punishes someone in the elevator. Song Ka Kyung (Jun Hye Jin) takes a swig of her drink with a look of deep concern in her eyes and leaves a strong impression as she walks away from the camera.

Although the preview gives just brief glimpses of the characters, these short but impactful moments have heightened anticipation for the characters’ different personalities.

3. Im Soo Kyung and Jang Ki Yong’s romance

Park Mo Gun holds Bae Ta Mi up when she’s about to fall and carefully wipes her smeared lipstick with his hand. She’s cold when it comes to her work, but is taken aback by his sweet gestures. Happiness is about to enter her previously work-centered life, and viewers will be able to witness the heart fluttering romance between her and Park Mo Gun.

“Search: WWW” premieres on June 5 at 9:30 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Her Private Life.”

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