Watch: Fans Compete For A Chance To Perform With 2NE1, Wonder Girls, g.o.d, And SECHSKIES Members With Amazing Dance Covers

Talented groups of dancers traveled to Korea in hopes of performing with their favorite K-pop singer on JTBC’s “Stage K”!

On the May 26 episode, SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji Won and Jang Soo Won, g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung and Kim Tae Woo, Wonder Girls’s Yubin and Hyerim, and 2NE1’s Sandara Park watched dance covers of their songs. Showing off her signature hairstyle, Sandara Park said, “It’s been 10 years.”

Team Romania performed Wonder Girls’s “So Hot.” Before the performance, Yubin said, “Take all of my energy,” and commented that she remembered everything from the time she promoted with the song while watching the stage.

She told the contestants, “I was moved watching the creative dance moves. It was really lovely and cute.” Hyerim added, “It was really great. Your facial expressions weren’t overly arrogant; it was really good. It was a shocking, amazing stage.”

Sandara Park teared up watching footage of Team Thailand reacting with joy after hearing about their acceptance to “Stage K.” After the team’s performance of 2NE1’s “I’m the Best,” the 2NE1 member teared up, saying, “It’s a stage that can’t be seen anymore because we disbanded. I think it’s really great that the fans and members could see our performance again.”

Team United States was made up of family members who banded together to perform g.o.d’s “Observation.” Seeing their powerful moves, Kim Tae Woo commented, “I felt excited seeing your bright energy and smiles.”

Team France was the final team. With the help of a choreographer to strengthen the details of their moves, the dancers perfectly recreated SECHSKIES’s “Road Fighter.” Eun Ji Won said, “It feels really different watching it from here. I was moved that you put on a better performance than we did.”

The audience and celebrity judges voted for the two teams to move onto the second round. Team Thailand received an overwhelming number of votes followed by Team United States.

During the second round, Team United States covered g.o.d’s “Friday Night” while Team Thailand performed 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody.”

As a result, Team United States won, and the g.o.d members congratulated them with big hugs. Carl from Team United States said, “This is approval that what we’re doing is actually working because me and Josie lost our house earlier this year, and everything’s been going wrong, so this is like the validation we needed. We thank you guys so much.”The team’s youngest member Amarie added, “I’m just thankful about what happened today and I’m just very proud of all of us that we made it.”

Team United States, Kim Tae Woo, and Park Joon Hyung concluded the episode by performing g.o.d’s “Sorrow” together.

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