Ju Won Tak Releases Statement On Agency’s Claims Regarding Contract

After it was previously revealed that former RAINZ member Ju Won Tak had reportedly applied to terminate his exclusive contract with 2ABLE Company, the agency has since responded.

On May 30, Star News reported that 2ABLE Company had shared, “It is true that Ju Won Tak submitted a certification of contents in order to terminate his exclusive contract. We will be taking legal action.”

The CEO of 2ABLE Company added, “As the CEO of this company, I believe I did everything I could for Ju Won Tak. Although we are a smaller company, we took care of everything that needed to be taken care of, and we thoughtfully accommodated everything that needed to be accommodated. He submitted the document while fulfilling his schedule as usual. At that same moment, he went absent without notice, and we still have not been able to get into contact with him.”

He continued, “I think I have waited for as long as I should have. I do not think we should keep waiting like this, so we plan to take legal action. We will officially reveal our position through a lawyer. I regret that the situation has turned out like this after the company had worked its hardest.”

On May 31, Ju Won Tak took to his Instagram to share his statement.

“Hello, this is Ju Won Tak.

I am posting this in response to the reports that have recently surfaced from 2ABLE Company. For a long time, I believed in this company and worked as hard as I could for my dream. Even in situations that I, as the agency’s artist, was not informed of, I tried my best to keep promises with my fans, promises with myself, and my contract with the company. The facts are as follows.

  1. Through this incident, the CEO of 2ABLE Company is currently at the Seoul Gwangjin Police Station and is being investigated for fraud and embezzlement.
  2. Although there are various reasons behind the fraud and embezzlement, the most important truth is that for the past three years of both my solo promotions and promotions with project group RAINZ, I have not received any earnings. As other employees including myself could not understand this situation, I inquired about the statement of accounts. After being ignored many times, I received the data, and it revealed records that [I] was charged for things that were sponsored as well as several clear signs of embezzlement of the profits through crimes (fraud, embezzlement).
  3. After many employees of 2ABLE Company quit, their salary for the past few months, including the extra amounts from overtime night shifts were all pushed back. This was reported to the Ministry of Employment and Labor twice since March. Although there were worse situations, I tried many times to communicate, but proper communication was difficult. In the midst of all the employees’ lawsuits and the requests for the tampered statement of accounts, schedules of mine in Japan were planned without my knowledge and I had no choice but to submit the certification of contents. Out of my final respect for their time with me and because I didn’t think I could tell my fans this kind of information, I requested, ‘I will not ask about any past issues, but please just terminate my contract.'”

Also, as the investigation agency made their requests for bank statement details and suspect statement attendance, the following reports were released, and those who know the truth are currently in a state of extreme anger.

I sincerely hope that there are no additional victims as a result of this situation.

As I was very mentally exhausted, I went to volunteer in Vietnam to clear my mind at the recommendation of some friends. As soon as I heard this news, I quickly came back.

Also, for the fans who have waited for me and may worry for me, I did not want this situation to be reported and become news. I wanted to only show my bright side on social media and take care of the matters quietly. However, since it has become news, instead of staying silent, I wanted to share the truth with my fans who must be worrying.

Once again, I would like to deeply apologize to my fans. The truth will be revealed.”

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