gugudan’s Mina And Her Big Appetite Give “Law Of The Jungle” A Boost In Viewership Ratings

As the only variety show with viewership ratings in the double digits, “Law of the Jungle” ranked first among all Saturday variety programs.

According to Nielsen Korea, the June 1 episode of “Law of the Jungle” recorded average viewership ratings of 10.6 percent and peaked at 12.4 percent, securing its spot as the top Saturday variety show. It also recorded 3.3 percent among viewers aged 20 to 49, who are often the target audience for broadcasters.

This episode was full of eating, including what almost happened when Park Jung Chul, AB6IX’s Park Woo Jin, and gugudan’s Mina ran into a king cobra.

The group also tried their hand at making coconut milk. They created what appeared to be their own coconut factory, as some made the kettle for the milk, some peeled the coconuts, and some grated them.

While preparing for dinner, a group went out into the woods where they spotted a banana tree. When they finally came across ripe, yellow bananas, Kim Byung Man insisted, “First off, if they’re yellow, just eat them.” As soon as Mina took a bite, she exclaimed, “This is definitely the taste of a banana that I know, but why is it so good?”

Near the banana trees, they discovered pineapples. After tasting the fresh pineapple, Mina could only mutter, “It tastes good. It’s sweet,” as she continued to eat. The scene of Mina deliciously eating pineapple resulted to be the episode’s most-viewed scene, gathering ratings of 12.4 percent.

“Law of the Jungle” airs every Saturday at 9 p.m. KST.

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