Jeong Sewoon Talks About His Musical, What Sets Him Apart As An Artist, And More

Jeong Sewoon’s latest pictorial for The Star magazine has been released!

On June 4, the magazine revealed photos of the singer pulling off both formal and casual summer looks.

Regarding his very first musical, Jeong Sewoon shared, “I recently tried my first musical after debuting. It’s called ‘Grease’ and I play Danny, who is tough, boastful, and the complete opposite of me. Surprisingly, however, we had some similar traits. I am having fun performing while trying to understand Danny’s thoughts.”

When asked about his plans for the summer, the singer responded, “I don’t have any plans yet, but if I get a break I would like to go on vacation. I regret not being able to learn how to swim when I was younger. Given the chance, I would really want to learn how to swim.”

Jeong Sewoon also spoke about inspiration for his music, stating, “I receive a lot [of inspiration] from my everyday life. Although impact from firsthand experiences are biggest, I am still lacking. Whether it comes from conversation with those around me or watching movies, I receive a lot through indirect experiences.”

He continued with how he relieves stress from songwriting, saying, “I don’t try to write to the point where I get stressed. Now, writing songs is just fun. I am happy to have a job as a singer where I can turn my thoughts into songs.”

At the question of what makes him unique, Jeong Sewoon shared, “The goal of every single one of my promotions is music. Various promotions will influence my music. Even if it is slow, I enjoy walking straight down one path. I think those would be my own unique charms.”

As he continues in his third year as a singer, he confessed, “I still have many worries. Ever since school, through my debut, and up until now. I enjoy thinking so I keep lots of things to ponder about. I’m the type of person to slowly think something through, continuously, until the concern is solved.”

Jeong Sewoon’s full pictorial and interview can be seen in the June issue of The Star magazine.

In case you missed it, watch his most recent comeback MV here!

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