3 Reasons To Look Forward To The Premiere Of tvN’s “Search: WWW”

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Search: WWW” is gearing up for its premiere! Here are three points to look out for in the upcoming romance drama!

“Search: WWW” tells the story of three ambitious women who work at the top of the best portal sites in the IT industry and run into a little trouble when love gets involved.

Trendy actors & Charismatic characters

“Search: WWW” has already gained the public’s interest with its stellar cast, which consists of Im Soo Jung, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Da Hee, and Jeon Hye Jin. Im Soo Jung will be playing the competitive Bae Ta Mi, a strategic manager at Korea’s No. 1 portal site Unicon, and Jang Ki Yong will be playing the role of Park Mo Geon, a genius songwriter who makes music for games and doesn’t bother playing hard to get. Meanwhile, Lee Da Hee will play Cha Hyun, the head manager of the No. 2 web portal Barro who has trouble controlling her anger, and Jeon Hye Jin will take on the role of Song Ga Kyung, the director of Unicon who is merciless in the face of success.

Unique topic & Witty videos

The upcoming drama deals with unique subjects of the portal site industry and real time trends. With the phrase, “We start the day with a search and end the day with a search,” the drama puts the mysterious portal site industry in the forefront of its story during a time in which we look more often at a search window than the window in our own bedrooms. Furthermore, the highlight video released on May 29 has already caught the attention of the viewers with its refined and witty directing. With its unique topic, viewers are already curious as to where this new story will take them.

Relatable reality & Dramatic storytelling

With its dramatic storytelling, the drama about the work and love lives of professional women will have the perfect mix of fiction and reality, making it easy for viewers to relate to. Scriptwriter Kwon Do Eun has written a story with thorough research on the overall mechanisms involved in the portal site industry as well as working women between their 20s and 40s to include realistic and diverse situations involving the portal site industry, as well as captivating romantic scenes. The production staff said, “Please show lots of interest and look forward to the first episode of ‘Search: WWW,’ which will be both relatable and heart-fluttering for the viewers.”

tvN’s “Search: WWW” will premiere June 5 at 9:30 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. Watch their latest teaser here!

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