tvN’s “Studio Vibes” And Nam Tae Hyun’s Agency Respond To Jang Jae In’s Posts About Cheating

The production team of tvN’s “Studio Vibes” and Nam Tae Hyun’s agency have responded to Jang Jae In’s posts that accuse Nam Tae Hyun of cheating on her.

In the early morning of June 7, Jang Jae In posted a series of photos on her Instagram as proof that Nam Tae Hyun had cheated on her. The photos included screenshots of direct messages that Jang Jae In received from a woman identified as “A,” who stated that Nam Tae Hyun lied to her and said he had broken up with Jang Jae In to be with “A.”

In response, a source from Nam Tae Hyun’s agency stated, “After encountering Jang Jae In’s posts accusing [Nam Tae Hyun] of cheating, we currently are checking facts [with Nam Tae Hyun].”

The production team of tvN’s “Studio Vibes,” the program through which the two met, also released an official statement regarding the future appearances of the two in the show.

The following is the full statement from the production team:

Hello, this is the production team of tvN’s “Studio Vibes.”

First of all, the production team also feels that the news of Nam Tae Hyun and Jang Jae In is unfortunate since they became acquaintances through “Studio Vibes.”

We had much internal discussion regarding the future direction of the show. “Studio Vibes” concluded filming at the end of March, and we currently have two more episodes left [until the end]. We will take [the gravity of] the current situation into consideration, and we plan to minimize the appearances of the two in future episodes, so that they do not interfere with the sincere emotions and stories of the 10 youthful musicians nor cause viewers to feel uncomfortable.

We once again express our regrets, and as the production team of “Studio Vibes,” we will do our best to wrap up the show as smoothly as possible. Thank you.

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