Update: Nam Tae Hyun Posts Handwritten Apology For Cheating Controversy Involving Jang Jae In

Updated June 8 KST:

Nam Tae Hyun has now uploaded a handwritten apology to his personal Instagram account which reads as follows:

Hello, this is Nam Tae Hyun.

I wish to sincerely apologize to Jang Jae In and the other woman for causing them pain through this incident.

Also, I wish to bow my head and say that I am sorry for causing my fans, who have loved and supported me, to feel a great sense of disappointment and pain.

I will take responsibility for the damages my negligence has caused.

Once again, I apologize.

From Nam Tae Hyun


Original Article:

Nam Tae Hyun has spoken up following Jang Jae In’s accusations of cheating on her.

In the early morning of June 7, Jang Jae In posted a series of photos on her Instagram as proof that Nam Tae Hyun had cheated on her. The photos included screenshots of direct messages that Jang Jae In received from a woman identified as “A,” who stated that Nam Tae Hyun lied to her and said he had broken up with Jang Jae In to be with “A.”

On the same day, Nam Tae Hyun took to his Instagram and responded to the accusations.

The following is the full statement from Nam Tae Hyun:

“First of all, I apologize for stirring up trouble. I offer my deepest apologies to Jang Jae In and the person who messaged her. While it is clearly my fault, it is unfortunate that the media is publishing some things that are untrue without confirmation. I am currently sorting things out, and I will release a handwritten apology and explanation as soon as possible.”

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